So, I'm starting to wonder if my dog is just a rapid growing and larger corgi, or if she's fat. At the end of June Ein was 18.5 lbs and when she went in to get spayed almost 2 weeks ago she was teetering the edge of 20lbs. She was born 1-24-13 and is about 6.5 months old. I am friends with her half brothers owner (same dad, different moms and 3 weeks apart in age) and she said he was only 15lbs. She seems like a really big puppy. I try to keep track of how many calories she eats each day. Currently she eats 1-1.5 cups of Acana Regionals each day and 2-3 tablespoons of Evanger's grain free wet. We keep track of how many treats, but I have kids and a baby learning how to eat. So, needless to say she gets some table foods, but typically it's like a dropped green bean or a piece of chicken.

So, is my corgi just large or am I really getting her fat??

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As long as she has a waist and you can feel her ribs, she's fine! Sounds like you do a good job counting those calories!

Judge by how she looks/feels rather than comparing her numerical weight to other corgis at the same age. She should have a visibly tucked in waistline and ribs you can feel easily when you run your hands along her sides. Their body fat over their ribs should feel like a thin quilt, not a bulky comforter. 

Checking you own dog like the others have described is best.  Corgis seem to come in all sizes.  My 2 are the same bloodline and are 10 lbs apart in weight and both are fine.  Max is a big boned boy with paws the size of my hand.  Katie is very petite.  First time people see Max they think he is fat because he is a fluffy and a large corgi but once you actually run your hands over him you know he's not.

Growth can depend on what they're being fed too. I'm not familiar with Acana Regionals, but if it's one of the premium foods, that may make her grow quicker than a pup on say, an all life stages food, a large breed puppy formula, or even just a lower quality food. I would not worry about a puppy being overweight at 6.5 months old though.

Acana is an ALS food. it's a really awesome food. Her half brother is also on Acana. I've checked her today. She still has a bit of a waist and you can feel her ribs. Methinks she may begetting ready to grow. She always chunks out right before she grows. We'll see. She hasn't been getting loads of exercise lately, but that will soon change. We'll start doing daily walks again soon and doing a pre agility class come September. So this will help.

Your corgi is a petite flower compared to mine. Murray is about 33 lbs (probably more) and turned 7 months old last week.  I had to return the shirt I bought him because he was too big!


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