So we picked up Olive from her one night boarding excursion yesterday (her first time!) and she got a bit of the runs in the car. Thankfully she was on her blanket! We thought maybe she was just excited? We feed her and monitored her stool and it went back to normal. Well, she vomited before breakfast this morning, but ate and drank and pottied afterwards, and even played a bit, so we thought another isolated incident. Well, the wife got home today and was greeted by vomit and loose/runny stool all over the room she spends the day in with her toys, water, and fan. Thoughts? Thanks :-/

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Poor Olive, did they feed her the wrong food? I would call them ASAP and ask them a few questions  and if this was happening there also.
Not that I'm aware of. It's a pretty reputable place, and they catalog what you bring, when to feed them, and it's all portioned out and everything. She only had two feedings (dinner and breakfast) before we picked her up. Maybe it was a treat she wasn't accustomed too, or the community water bowl wasn't her cup of tea? We'll call them tomorrow depending on what the vet says in the AM. We're *those* parents, lol!

Hey Wally, Jessica, & Olive


This is not uncommon for boarding- I used to work at a pet boarding facility and people would call and ask about the same thing.  It usually is just nerves- being in a new environment without their family for the first time.  You were smart to make her first stay a short one!  If she continues to vomit and have runs through tomorrow, I would advise taking her to the vet on Wednesday. 


Other things to consider:

Was there interactive playtime with other dogs?  She may have picked up something from them.  If they had a swimming pool for the dogs, she could have ingested something bad in the water.

Did you ask the staff if she ate all of her food during the stay?  In my experience, dogs who weren't used to being boarded would hardly touch their food the first day or two and that would mess up their tummies.

Has she been vaccinated for Coronavirus?  Some vets don't recommend it, but it's like a non-fatal form of parvo (or parainfluenza? sorry can't remember off the top of my head).  It is usually given with the DHLP.


Hope this helps, keep us updated!


Thank you for the good info! We called the vet, and they didn't seem overly concerned, and suggested maybe it could be colitis, which she got about a year ago during the summer. We're going to preempt and take her in tomorrow morning... we're overly protective, lol.


As far as the boarding facility, yes there was playtime with other dogs, and yes there was a swimming pool. Of course she ate all her food though, she's a corgi! Depending on what the vet says we'll contact the boarding facility afterwards if it's something out of the "norm". 


The next question is, what do we do with her for a next outing, which will be a few days longer? Oh no... lol.

I'm a BIG fan of housesitters.  I know my home is secure and that my dogs are comfortable and happy.


Do you have anyone trustworthy that could housesit for you?  Maybe a local college kid or family friend?

It's TOTALLY worth it - - especially if you have to pay for boarding and the vet. ;)

Sounds like a case of nerves. Hope the baby is better.
I hope it's just nerves... more vomiting last night... however, she did eat all of her white rice this morning, with a splash of chicken broth. Stool is still loose too. We'll see what the vet says this AM>


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