Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any input or experience with this...we recently got our Corgi pup and she started biting herself excessively, like she has an itch, and we notice a lot of dandruff around where she bites. It's also different spots, and if we start playing with her she forgets about the itch. No sign of any buggies, so I'm wondering if she just has dry skin? Is this common, and if so, can you recommend any shampoos? I haven't seen anything like bite marks or fleas or ticks, so I'm less inclined to think this is the cause, but I don't know if I should have her taken to the vet or not. Any advice is welcome!

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Thanks! I Googled "hotspot" and hope this isn't what lil Bailey has, but I think we may just go to the vet to get to the root of the problem. If it is skin allergies, then benadryl sounds like a good idea. This is going to sound silly, but do you give it orally or on the skin? I would think it gets matted on the skin? Does the oatmeal shampoo work well? Is that something I can get at a pet store like Petsmart? Sorry for all the questions, we're new parents! :)
Try the oatmeal version of this shampoo: http://www.petco.com/product/5757/Earthbath-Totally-Natural-Pet-Sha...

I recently bought the tea tree oil one because he was scratching so much, even though he had his flea medicine on. After his bath, his itching went from "I'm so itchy!!!" *scratches like crazy* to a seldom "Ah, got an itch" *scratch scratch*
Oh yes,Guinness bites his arm a lot. We got a Furminator to brush him, and when we do it, little white stuff gets on the brush, so I guess he has dandruff. I would get a nice, natural shampoo, maybe with some kind of lotion in it to sooth the skin. Anyway, that is common for puppies. Good luck!
A good Oatmeal shampoo will soothe the skin. Usually, those itchies are one of two things: 1. allergy to food, 2. allergie to fleas or other environmental things. Benedryl does help some, but unless you change the thing that causes the allergy you're spitting in the wind.

Consider a natural food with no byproducts, glutens, wheat, corn, soy, or fillers (see http://dogfoodanalysis.com). Check the treats you give. Do they have the above? Change treats.

As much as I hate to say it, shave around the "hot spot" so the air gets at it. Your dog will look funny for a bit, but the saliva and dampness that stays in the coat can cause yeast (and other fungal) infections.

Get an e-collar (lampshade) so your pup can't chew.

Good luck!!
Thank you everyone for your advice! =) We'll be making a trip to Petsmart this weekend to try an oatmeal shampoo, and get more natural treats/food. I'm at work right now so I'll check the contents of her food and treats when I get home. I'd hate to shave her but I'll see if the diet and shampoo work, if not, she'll have to be a bald lil Bailey bear for a while. Thanks again!!
do not shave her please. I'm sure there are better ways. Read the post on shaving first
Happy I found this post :) was looking for my original post about mosquitoes because the little buggers are swarming again and roxi is completely miserable. The vet told the boy to give her some medication to help so hopefully that'll ease up. I wish their neck buggy stuff helped more on this lol.

oh well if she's still miserable for a little while and keeps fussing at the bites we'll try some of the methods posted here.
Miranda and Morgan both had these issues. I started feeding Miranda eggs a few times a week and I give her a fatty vitamin suppliment for it. Morgan came from a rescue with REALLY dry skin. I think the shampoo they used was harsh. He also had a rash. Maliseb shampoo could work, they sell it at the vet, and online. I would ask your vet before using that shampoo, it depends on the dog.
How did you setup the eggs and did it matter? I know my dad when he was a teen and lived on a farm they would give their dogs raw eggs mixed in the kibble to keep them healthier and their coats fit (outdoor dogs). I've only done it once for Roxi mostly to try and coax her to eat when she was on one of her strikes.

she cared less for it :/. I ended up throwing it away anyhoo lol.

I also know some people crack open those fish oil pills and pour them in their dogs kibble to keep their coats healthier. Any advice on that?
There can be many causes for itching in a pup. Not sure how old she is so I would forego any benedryl at this time. Much may be related to the environment she came from and what food she may have been eating at the time. If you have not yet I would take her for a complete examination by your veternarian. Parasites could be a possibility as they can do great damage internally. If she came from an environment with external parasites it could be she is recovering from the damage done before you got her. I would suggest a food that does not have corn in the first five ingredients. Make sure there is omega oils in the food. You may add fish oil. Some dogs seem to tolerate raw eggs just fine. Others can have issues with salmonella. I think you would do well to cook them. Oatmeal shampoo is one choice but you may also consider a shampoo that is designed to help with the itching. One I have found most helpful is Universal Medicated Shampoo. Some vets carry it but I have found it much cheaper online. Best of luck to you and your pup.
This happened to us too and my breeder said that happens in you don't wash out all the shampoo.
We had some regular shampoo from Pet Smart and never could do a good job rinsing it off. My breeder told me to wash him just with water and it helped a little bit.
Recently I bought this organic dog soap and it truly is amazing! It foams better than shampoo and rinses off in a moment. Shiro's dandruff disappeared completely and he is not as intchy anymore. His fur is also softer than it was before.
Here's the link:
They'll ship your order the same day as you buy it and it comes within 2 days.
I know it's a kinda expensive if you buy just one thing, so get something else for yourself. These soaps are great and hypoallergenic.
In the meantime just wash your puppy with water.
Hope that helps
my lab Cody has a dandruff/itching problem we took him to the vet and we were given a selson blue type doggy shampoo for dandruff. I asked the vet if I could just buy selson blue and he said that it has a ingreedent in it that some dogs will have a problem with so I figured cody had enough problems at the moment and got the doggy kind it has helped out wonderfully he was also put on Grizzly Salmon Oil the shampoo is S/S medically formulated shampoo that aids in the treatment of seborrhea by GLENHAVEN


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