Got home from work last night and had the dogs outside for our romp in the backyard.  Of course some young whipper-snappers were lighting fireworks (how dare they!) before the 4th.  Poor Jackson...he was sooo scared.  Couldn't get him to pee--he kept running for the door and bouncing to go in.  His mom was at a fireworks show downtown, so he kept coming to his grandma to rub his belly in the house.  Overall he did good though.  Wasn't too freaked out, just nervous.  Did I say that fireworks are completely illegal in Iowa?  Might have to work on him a little, 'cause sometimes we don't all follow the rules....


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Oh poor baby....tell Jen to give you lots of treats!

This past week, Tucker has been weird about going outside to do his business, but I finally figured out it must be because of the fireworks.  He definitely wanted nothing to do with outside today, took him on his leash instead of the lead and he went right back to the door, wanting to be back inside.  Lance didn't have a problem going out to do his business.  In the house they barked at the sound of each firework but quickly settled down to til the next one went off, but I have to say they did pretty well.  I think Lance did better with having Tucker here then he did by himself!!  There was one that made me jump before the dogs even noticed, and of course then Lance barked going off my reaction, lol, but he stopped pretty quickly. 


Glad the big day is over til next year, although I'm sure we will have a few that will go off here and there still.  :(


I am a very bad corgi mommy. Or at least a very guilty mommy. I now resort to drugs for Lilliput for fireworks, and thunderstorms if I can time it right. Nothing else works. I feel very bad about it, but I also feel bad about seeing and hearing her suffer. So I choose drugs :(
Mine have holed up in their safe space (crates) and won't come out everynight for a couple of days now. Poor things. They get to go poddy at 1 or 2 am when it all settles down.
have you tried those heavy vests? I think they're called thunder vests. I know some folks on this site swear by them.
Jackson does not like fireworks - Coco and Dino don't like fireworks either. They are not legal in this state. But anyone dont blame yourself if our babies dont like it and dont load them up on drugs. Distract them as much as possible. Play ball with them, if you can give them treats do that. Any thng to show your not afraid. Keep them occiuped. If need be take them to an inside hallway to get away from the noise. You should be brave as well.
Poor Jackson!  Rainy was shaking like a ducks bum in the wind, she was so scared!  Calvin, Mr. Chicken, couldn't have cared less.  Go figure.
poor Jackson. we wen to the lake on base as they were shooting fireworks over the lake. teddy was ok as long as he was in our laps. otherwise he was panting heavily and couldn't get comfortable.
Lando Oliver was shaking the poor thing. I am very grateful Boots took in stride along with Rexx. LO just went under the bed and didn't come out but he doesn't look any worse for the wear.
Poor Noodles has been sleeping underneath our bed for the last week because people have been letting off fireworks for the last week. Unfortunately we probably still have another week to go before they stop. I feel so bad for him because you can hear him panting. We try distracting him, but all he wants to do is curl up and hide his head. He did make progress last night because he slept on the bed for the first couple hours, but after a really loud firework went off, he wanted down and that is where he stayed all night long.

So sorry for little Jackson! Ein wasn't at all pleased with the fireworks where we were at either. He too wouldn't go pee for us last night because of the fireworks. At one point during the walk (I use this term loosely because we had to stop and pet him every few steps just to keep him going) he dashed into a hole in the bushes at the sound of a firework and we had to drag him out. It was at this point we gave up and just took him back inside. Clearly our dog isn't much into the displays of patriotism...

Just an addition to my other reply. You said that Jackson isn't much into the displays of you  think that he would be more comfortable with "God save the Queen"?


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