Max weighs 15.03lbs at 15 weeks.  He's not by any means overweight, we can feel his ribs perfectly and his waist is pretty well defined.  I have been reading and it looks like he is the size of a 4.5-5 month old corgi now!!  My husband jokes around that he will look like a German Shepherd on short legs when he is fully grown! 

How much did your corgis weight at his age?

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Sorry that this isn't of any help, but I just had to tell you the picture of Max is ADORABLE! I had to cover my mouth to keep from squealing a bit too loudly since I'm at work.

Noodles will be in 9 in June, so I don't remember how much he weighed at 15 weeks. I know when we got him at 8 weeks, he weighed 8 pounds and then when I took him in at his 9 week mark, he was 9 pounds. Past that I can't remember and all his paperwork is safely at home. Sorry.

Aww thank you so much!! :)

There are very few things more flattering to me than getting a compliment on my dog ;)

Looks like your Max is gonna be a big boy like my Max.  I have no clue what he weighed at that age because we got him as a rescue at 5 years, he weighed 54 lbs then. After we got all that excess of potato chips and junk food off him Max stays between 35 and 37 pounds, the heavier being is winter weight.  His paws are huge compared to my normal size Katie and the paws usually give away the size.  I have seen pictures of his sire and he was also huge.  My Max is almost 12 now.

Your little guy is just adorable!

Thank you!  Wow, poor thing, 54 pounds!! That was a lot of weight to carry on a long corgi back :(

Glad Max is in good hands now :)

@Anya....when he went back to his breeder (no fault of his) she told me he looked like a pot bellied pig with a corgi head.  Plus he is a fluffy and he had been shaved down completely...not just trimmed but bald.  He was the sorriest looking excuse for a corgi there ever was.  But I looked into his eyes and the connection was immediate.  Now he is a beautiful dog and the sweetest one I've ever had.  You will just need to watch his weight...corgis tend to pack on the pounds anyways and on the big boys it can really add up fast.

Your Max is a cutie pie and looks like he's very happy with you :)

He's still a beautiful boy at almost 12.  I'd like to think he is happy here, he's stuck around for 7 years and hopefully he will follow his daddy's line and have plenty more years with me.  He is my heart dog.

Puppies usually grow about a pound per week so he sounds right on schedule to me.

Perfect :)


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