So he went to the park today for a play date and he hadn't had a play date or played/walked this long for a while & afterwards..i noticed he was LIMPING! it's front left. So took him to the vet and they said that they don't think it's bones because the whole time she was pressing and pushing and pulling, Juno didn't yelp or seem uncomfortable. In fact he hasn't yelped or cried one bit w/ this limping thing going on. She THINKS it's a muscle, tendon or somewhere along those lines and that he may have pulled it. He is putting presure on that front paw and still walking on it still wanting to jump and run though he's not really willing to lift up that front paw/hand as much as the other when the vet was testing( so hand/paw straight out and up) Vet gave him some anti-inflammatory/pain killers "as needed" 0.o  Anyone have any suggestions or past experience w/ this? He is putting pressure on that front paw/hand and the the vet checked w/ no signes of swelling or what have you so she can't really pin point anything and thinks that xrays right now is not needed unless the meds don't help cuz she doesn't think it's bones. Juno isn't really complaining about it at all & normally he's a wimp about things. OH! and there's no recall of anything special that happened that the park that may have caused this. Did he just over work himself?

Can i massage, ice or anything to help him? vet's thinking it's something either in the shoulder or elbow?
is this prone to coming back? =/

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Lilly just had an injury last weekend.  I guess I was playing fetch a little too enthusiastically and she pulled something.  I didnt let her jump, and didnt play fetch and she was back to her normal self in a week.  So we are back to playing fetch every day...and she can hop off the couch by herself.  And so far even though we have been really playing hard, she is fine. I think he should be fine, and back to his normal self in about a week or so!!!

Linus did something a few months ago and was limping on a front leg too. We took him to the vet and he got Rimadyl. We also carried him up and down stairs (we only have 3) and leash walked him only for 2 weeks. He seemed fine after. If you keep him calm and he doesn't exert himself it should heal up pretty quickly, if it's a similar injury to what Linus had. Good luck!

Hi Juno's mom, this happens a lot of corgis, if your vet don't think it's anything serious after an examination, just follow the instructions. I've fostered a lot of corgis in the past and had a fair share of scare, give it 3 days, if the situation does not improve, go get a second opinion. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Hey Sam, Junos doing better now..I haven't noticed limping for a day and he's back to running and jumping crazy. Although I do see him slipping and sliding so it looks like he's not 100% on his footing yet. I'm glad he's ok was def. scary bcuz after he limped one front....then he limped the other. I'll def. keep him rested for at least another week just in case. :)

I hope JUNO is doing better! 

Today I picked Sully up to sit on a box near the window to make it easier for her to see the birds and bunnies she loves to watch. She seemed fine when I picked her up, but she whined, loudly, when I tried to put her down. Knowing she had been mistreated before I adopted her I assumed she was kind of overreacting due to some past fear as I had seem her do before and was told she did whenever she was accidently bumped of pushed in foster care. I also called her confidence building trainer who agreed with the vet. Unfortunately, with careful observation, her right shoulder does seem to be sore. She isn't limping, but it seems sore to the touch.

Not sure how she, or should I say I, may have hurt it. She is still eating and drinking water and the on call vet said it should be okay to watch it for awhile, unless it worsens suddenly and she stops eating. Being a corgi owner with an adopted pet for less than two months, I am feeling very bad, though she seems okay at rest. Anyone have any similar experiences? Also, new to this site. Should this be a separate thread? Thanks!

She could just have a sore spot but watch it,  Our rescue started limping at 18 months (got him at 6 months), After 3 or 4 months of different anti inflammatories nothing was working.  We took him to an orthopedic vet and he did more x-rays and it was discovered his shoulders had not developed correctly.  This was probably due to poor nutrition and being kept in a small kennel and never getting to run and exercise. 

Vet told us that Tenby's shoulders would never hold (double shoulder replacement was not an option) and we would probably have to euthanize him by the time he was 3.  Our sweetheart Tenby is now 7.

He leads a good life and if he runs to much he limps in for a pain pill.  Some how his shoulders have stabilized enough for him to be a happy boy.

If we had known at 6 months when we got him, physically therapy and supplement's probably could have helped his shoulders.  We know his shoulders could go any day, we are sure it is that corgi stubbornness that is keeping him going.


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