So last thursday I finally got a Corgi. To tell you a little bit about myself. I love animals. I always have. I have two cats and a rabbit inside of a two bedroom apartment and now a Corgi. You would think its crowded but its actually not to bad. I decided this year I wanted a Corgi and I started my search. It took me a while but finally after waiting and being patient I was able to rehome one. 

I drove a couple hours away to get her. I live in South West Ohio. She lived in the country in a little house with lots of land. I was told she even tried to heard cows now and then. When we arrived, she was the cutest little thing but when we got her home we noticed she was probably trying to adjust. 

She's been home for eight days. She's done great. She hasn't gone to the bathroom in the house, not once. She goes outside every time we take her. She's not loud. No one would even know we have her in this apartment. She doesn't bark. She's lovable. I can tell she is very smart. 

I tool her to the vet today, she said she was healthy weight and had no fleas, no heart worms.....all good to go. She even got groomed today and she doesn't like baths but she didn't give the groomers to much trouble. 

My questions.....

1. Will she ever get to the point where she comes to me when I call her no matter what, inside or out?

She doesn't always come to me when I call her name :( Most of the time she does. Right now she is laying on the opposite side of the couch and is comfortable. She won't really come to me unless she knows I'm getting up and going outside and even then I kind of have to urge her by actually opening the door.  She does come and sleep with us in our bed, she snuggles more to my husband than me. She has laid beside me a lot. 

2.  Will I ever be able to not use a leash?

She never had to be on a leash at her home. It was just her, her owners and his family. I even asked if he had a leash I could use and I had to get one because he didn't think she would need one. Well luckily its done well since she doesn't know me or my husband and is adjusting but I can kind of tell she might stay semi close but because I live in apartment I take her outside on a leash. I wonder in a year, like if we move and get a yard or if I take her to a park if I could not use one. 

3. How much exercise does a Corgi need?

We take her out quite frequently and let her roam around out front and take her for a short walk once a day. I'm wondering if she needs longer walks or how much. She's two years old. 

Hopefully this isn't to much :( 

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Patience! How comfy would you feel in some stranger's house after just 11 days? Especially if you had no idea why you were there or how long you were gonna be there?

Try small pieces of cheese as treats. Most dogs love cheese.

I know she's still adjusting and confused but I was just wanting to know ways I could bond or make her feel comfortable. 

I will try the small bits of cheese but I don't want to bother her if she needs space. Its why I joined this site to just get good advice. 

She sounds pretty laid-back. Not sure if you renamed her, but she may have had a few names before you got her so she has had to adjust to so many more things than we can imagine and name recall can take time. If she is eating and sleeping I imagine she is fairly well adjusted. She also sounds like she isn't excitable. I adopted my dog at age three and I worried initially that she was depressed. Looking back, one year later, I can see she is just a laid-back dog and she was probably insecure I her new environment. She used to hide when visitors came to meet her, but I noticed she calmed right down when they took there coats off. She did the same thing when she was being taken from the shelter to live with me. Poor thing was worried that she was being rehomed again.

Over time she became more secure, but it is only very recently that she actually acts assertive. She actually sleeps soundly now instead of waking to watch my every muscle move. She still follows me from room to room often, but sometimes she prefers to lay like a lump. She doesn't mind walks, but she much prefers being patted or sitting outside on a bench with me. In other words, you may just have a relaxed, cautious pup who will help you learn more about her as she learns more about you. Also, we work on every skill all the time, such as "sit" "stay" "come" "leave it," so they are always second nature to her. "Sit" is great because it can be used to make her stop if she tries to run, jump on someone, eat before you say "take it," and other things safety related. You are smart to try to learn more about how to welcome her into your home. It sounds like you got a winner! I think you will be surprised at how much change you will see after a few months of kind, consistent training. Have fun!


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