Am looking for good kibbles for my 14 week old
pups. Using Science Diet puppy kibble but would like to switch to any puppy kibble that does not have chicken, duck or lamb. Suggestions? Thanks!

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Is there a reason you don't want chicken,duck, or lamb? That is going to be hard to find. There are a handful of kibbles that focus on fish, but most of them still include chicken.

Also, you don't need a puppy food. Find a good adult food, or an All Life Stages food and feed that. Puppy food makes puppies grow too fast which is bad for the joints.

You might be able to look into Natural Balance LID diets which has a bison formula I believe, however, remember that if you are getting a fancy meat source like that, you aren't actually getting much meat in there. In general, the "cheaper" the meat source (ie, chicken) the more meat you are actually getting in the bag.

Is your pup allergic to those meat sources? If not, I would reconsider because you also don't want to just feed one food forever, and you are going to really limit your options. When I fed kibble, I switched formulas (with in one or two of my favorite, most trusted brands) after every bag. It is good for their health to experience variety. Not to mention, many protein allergies that dogs develop is a result of being exposed to the same protein for too long a period of time (ie, only being fed one kind of chicken kibble for the whole life and the dog suddenly becomes allergic to chicken).

Based on your request here though, and knowing that there is NO reason puppies need puppy food, I would feed the Go! Natural Salmon and Oatmeal food to your dog (I don't recommend grain free kibbles for puppies under 12 months, the protein is too high/concentrated and can make them grow too fast). The only two brands of dog food that I really like and recommend are the Petcurean (Go! and Now! lines of food) and Champion Pet Foods (Acana and Orijen- both too high protein for a puppy).
I use Taste of the wild salmon, it's grain free and my pups love it! It is also lower protein for those growing corgis!
The more I've been reading about puppy kibble, the more I've become convinced that adult kibble is better for a corgi puppy's development. I switched Rafa @ 5 mo. to adult food, even though I have a big open bag of the puppy food. I posted a link on the discussion of "what food you feed your corgi" that compares the quality/cost of puppiy/dog/cat food. It rates the food by nutritional value (on a 5* star basis) and cost (on a 4 $$$$ basis). It's quick and easy to use.

Based on this site, I've been using Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul, and both my puppy and adult corgi love it (what else is new?), but their coats are looking healthier and very shiny, and they seem healthy (won't go into gross details!) in every way. It also gives the contents of all the foods, so you can see which meet your corgi's dietary needs.
Tks - I can't get some brands in Singapore and I want
to avoid chicken.
Søren does well on the Natural Balance LID Fish and Sweet Potato formula. His coat is very shiny. I don't believe there is any chicken, duck, or lamb in it.
Tks. Will check it out.
I know Sam just posted a survey about the food we all feed our corgis. Perhaps he can direct you to that! Lots of different food choices there! We feed orijen FISH or orijen RED MEAT. Our corgis do very well on it.
Thanks. Will check out Orijen. Do they have puppy food without chicken?


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