It is that time again for us to buy doses of flea meds for Boo. I was just curious to see if anyone had used the Kirkland brand of dog flea meds from Costco? I normally use Advantix II which always seems to work and we have had no troubles. Looking for feedback and if anyone has used the Kirkland/Costco brand.


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I've never tried them, but I would only get flea medicine through your vet or a similarly reputable veterinary organization.  Unless the product is exactly the same chemical at exactly the same dosage and is made with exactly the same standards of quality, I wouldn't risk it.

For the most part I've been happy with Kirkland (check out the dog food labels.) This one is new to me, so I tried to find an answer to your question. I did find a discussion on another forum, dated April 2012. This is what one poster had to say:
"I've been looking around for hours on this stuff and it seems fairly new so there aren't many reviews / stories on this stuff.

"But from a preliminary analysis it seems like it has the same active ingredients as bio spot defense spot on Which everyone should know is no good and harmful, from what i've been reading.


"Here's a great page for comparing flea & tick products:
Dog Fleas: Compare Flea Medications and Other Flea Control Products

"From the petco page, the bio spot's ingredients are:


Active Ingredients: Etofenprox (CAS # 80844-07-1) 30.0%, (S)-methoprene (CAS # 65733-16-6) 3.6%, Piperonyl butoxide (CAS # 51-03-6)* 5.0%. Other Ingredients: 61.4%. *Equivalent to minimum 4.00% butylcarbityl (6-propylpiperonyl ether) and 1.00% related compounds.
which seems exactly the same as the costco stuff, even in the same %'s.

"At this time of posting I was only able to find a few sites talking about this kind of stuff:

Kirkland flea & tick vs frontline? - The DIS Discussion Forums ...

also been reading a lot of bad stuff on bio spot defense spot on.

"So i haven't used it, but if anyone else is looking to use it, i would advise against it, b/c it seems like a rebrand of biospot defense spot on. Even looks like the exact same applicator. biospot = no good. But of course I've never used it, so if you say im stupid that's ur opinion. But my dogs health is much too important to risk for saving a few bucks on some sketchy stuff.
"anyways, if you want some interesting biospot stuff check this out: Dangerous Pet Products? - YouTube!"
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THANK YOU!! I would never want to risk anything on my dog and her health is the most important thing to me.


Thank you!!

I decided on Trifexis, because one pill takes care of heartworm, fleas and intestinal worms.

I wouldn't use them. I would stick to the main brands that vets carry which are Advantage/Advantix, Frontline, or Comfortis/Trifexis. Buying the wrong type of flea prevention can kill your dog or cause very serious side effects. I'd stick to products that are known, tested, and guaranteed. 

Thank you JUlie for your research! Yes, I would stay far, far away from anything like BioSpot. I've read reports of severe injury caused by that stuff, and seen my co-worker's dog get very sick from it.


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