So we just got our corgi pup Kyrie last week OR so. We got her from a local breeder I found in Olympia,WA. She lived on a farm, around her litter mates & Horses. Never been crated before But none the less we put her in the crate the first night we brought her home ( never had a pup this young before 2 months old ) and i am amazed to say she didnt even fight it.. to this day she hasn't really put up much a fuss being put in her House as we call it (crate). But my cousin told me that we should get her a Puppy Kong toy just to keep her happy & stay happy in her house. so we did.. but.. this is the first dog that doesn't know what to do with the Kong toy. Our bigger dog Koko Loves the crap out of her Kong toy ( shes a German short haired pointer mix) so this is a first time i have had a dog Not know what to do with her Kong. I've put peanut butter in it.. ive put some of her dog food.. and then other random snakes she likes out side of the Kong.. But ive shown her that there is snakes in the toy & that she can lick OR knock it out by rolling it.. but all she does is trip over it.. ( witch is freaking funny) but i dont know what else to do.. maybe she's just not much of a Kong toy pup. I made sure to get the Puppy one .. And Not that New Puppy one that squeaks ( she is scared of the squeak toys.. also first dog ive ever had that is scared of that sound..Makes me giggle at how different she is to the other dogs i have )
Has anyone ever had this happen?? Or am i not doing something right.. LOL

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it took Bear a while to figure out the kong, but he still doesn't bite down on it to break the pieces up, he sticks that long tongue in there for about 15 minutes and cleans it out.
I don't know how to help with the Kong problem, but I had to tell you, my Lyla is afraid of squeaky toys too! She is also afraid of things that move, such as if I move a rope toy on the ground, lol. She is so silly!

For the Kong, I am trying to figure out how to help my dogs too, they know things are in there (such as the ZIggy you put in) but they can't get them out, and frankly, I can't either! I have to use tweezers or scissors to get anything out. You might try putting the peanut butter on the outside too so maybe she'll lick that and then just get caught up in the moment and "discover" it's on the inside too. Or, like you said, she just may not be a Kong puppy. I have found though that even if my dogs don't like something one month, it doesn't mean they won't next month, so there may be hope yet!
they don't like to chew on this at this age... lol then why is my Pup chewing the crap out of everything she can get her little month on.But the kong. LOL :3
I have a kong puppy chew that I also give to my adult is about 4" long and and has slits in it...I just put some dabs of peanut butter in it but you could probably use a soft cheese like vetveeta also...they don't have to work so hard to get at the treat! She may just not be used to this if she was on a farm...Wynn never chews stuffed animals either so if she wouldn't chew that maybe she could have a "friend" in her crate ...


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