My 5 y/o male corgi has been limping fairly consistently on his right front (although it gets better and worse with rest and use) for 5 months.  He has seen the vet twice so far: first recommendation was for crate rest/rimadyl for 2 weeks (seemed a bit better, but still not sound); second recommendation was for x-rays.  X-rays showed mild changes in the shoulder, but nothing acute that could be fixed.  Again, rec'd for crate rest, rimadyl and tramadol for 2 weeks. 

Two weeks is now almost up, and he is the same as he was before.  At times he almost appears sound, then will come up lame and limping quite severely with just a minimal amount of activity.  Vet told me the next step is to see ortho and for possible ultrasounds, MRI/CT scans, etc.  I have been doing some research and am curious if chiropractic care might be an option as well. He has been lame in the past (typically front right or left), but always got better within a 2-3 wk crate rest window (no meds).

I am wondering if others have had similar experiences and what steps they have taken to remediate lameness issues.  Have you gone ahead with ultrasounds or MRI/CTs and did they actually find anything?  Has anyone had luck with the chiropractic route to resolve lameness?  

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thanks for the insight into orthopods regardless!  i've been hoping that the limp will just disappear like it has in previous cases, but alas not this time.  When he had the initial x-rays, they did a consult for them to be read by someone else (a specialist?... not really sure...) but the regular vet still is rec'ing ortho since nothing else has worked.  I just want to find someone that knows corgis well, since their structure is so different from the typical canine.

I haven't heard anything about chiropractic care, but i've heard great things about acupuncture. The veterinarian at my work gets it for her doxie with great results. My corgi on crate rest for two weeks right now. :(

I have been wondering if that is a treatment option that will be suggested for Ellie.  Her veterinarian is the practice's acupuncture/Eastern medicine specialist and I'd definitely be willing to give it a try if she thinks it will be helpful for Ellie.  For now, though, we have to keep searching for a diagnosis.

Hi Brian!  Sorry for your guys problem...its so difficult to know whats going on an what is hurting, I not only go thru this with my Corgis and Setter but with my horses too!  I am kind of concerned the vet gave him Tramadol (watch for side effects, like itching, etc) as he could hurt himself further if the pain is completely deadend...My Jack as an ACL vet doesn't feel its a complete tear as there is resistance in the joint.  Soooo, before I haul him off to the ortho who comes to town once a week, we are doing Rimadyl, went thru a round of cold laser treatments and added a wonderful fatty acid product that was recommended HERE from  ADL labs and he seems a bit better...I don't expect an overnite healing, it will take time....I make sure he doesn't jump or use steps...several years ago my hubby built a ramp over the steps to the back yard (and potty spots) and he loves that.  You might check into the fatty acid supplement, I believe it was Elizabeth who used it on her Corgi and had great luck with it too.  I showed the ingreds to my vet, she thought it sounded wonderful, she figured out the dosage for him and she ordered for me too.  ADL will sell retail but the mark up is incredible!  I went with the liquid as one of the product specialists said it was more economical than the nuggets (and less bulk to eat!), my vet ordered it for $107 (which is what I paid her, she didn't mark it up)...if I would have bought it retail..get this $242!!!  So do check into it (you can get smaller sizes, I decided to get the gallon to add to my other corgis food and my aged setter too)...Hope this helps!  Let me know if you want the website info....B


Best wishes from Nancy, Katie Jack and angel Emma Anne

hey, thanks for the insight/info.  I think the tramadol was from being put out for the x-rays (or I'm assuming, b/c I thought the same thing when they prescribed it).  Brian (actually my corgi, not me! haha) is currently on salmon oil, originally for his coat but now more for the anti-inflammatory effects.  I will have to look into the supplement you mention...does it just support ligament/muscle and bone health?

Brian, the stuff from ADL has the best Omegas in it that my vet says she has seen...if you keep the joint (shoulder, knee) happy the other stuff should heal better.  Does your vet think its his bone?   Maybe this could help...go to and look at the ingredients and talk to your vet.  They have other products too...and if you can get your vet to order it for you, you will save a ton of $!  Keep us posted and I hope he heals quickly, nothing like having our babies not feeling well and hurting!



After the x-rays, i don't think the vet had the impression it was bone related...more likely soft tissue.  Will look into the supplements and of course keep the thread updated with whatever happens!

I just wanted to let you know that I've finally found the problem area with Ellie, so maybe it will be of use to you.  Have you tried moving Brian's leg in different directions?  I was clipping Ellie's nails yesterday and when I moved her left paw, the one she has been keeping up, across her chest she yelped.  It startled us both and I waited a moment before coaxing her onto her back and moving the paw across toward her midline again.  She yelped.  Have you tried moving Brian's paw in that direction?  When the vet checked Ellie's range of motion, I believe she either didn't check that sort of movement or didn't move the leg far enough.  She now has a new vet appointment for Tuesday (the earliest they could get me in) so I'll update with more info afterward.

I have moved his leg around, poked and prodded it and his foot all yelping or crying or fussing at all.  The vet did a pretty thorough ROM test with his legs and joints initially and didn't find anything out of sorts, except for some crepitus in his shoulder.  I'd be interested to see what the vet finds for you and Ellie next week though, def let us know!

I, too, have a 5y/o F Corgi who was bred once before being surrendered to Humane Society.  I was blessed to find her since my previous tricolour (Joey) had just passed.

Winnie, like many of the Corgis mentioned in these replies, goes lame without warning in her left front leg.  And then....a minute or five later, she's FINE!  Romping with the Sheltie and happy as a clam.  

My vet says its partially the result of poor breeding in Corgis that emphasizes a bad "BANDY LEGGED" structure.  Her front "ankles" bend inward and appear to be swollen.

Dr. put her on Rimadyl but I try and keep it to a minimum.  Some ppl here have mentioned Tramadol which I will ask the vet about.  Corgis are such brave little warriors it's as painful for me to watch as it must be for her to experience.


Brian went to see the ortho last week.  She checked him out thoroughly, agreed that it is his right front leg as well.  She tested him, was fairly certain it was not his neck, and was much more suspicious of his shoulder, especially as I had mentioned that the x-rays showed "mild changes" in the shoulder and the fact that she noted a reduced muscle mass on the right shoulder as compared to the left (I'm guessing this indicates reduced usage).  She recommended that he either have ultrasound or MRI to check for potential bicep tear or other tears of ligaments or muscles of the shoulder.  She likened it to having "blown a rotator cuff" in humans.  

Since the MRI would have run (get this) $2,600! she suggested ultrasound (a managable $185), which although imperfect, can help to visualize any muscle or ligament tears or obvious differences that are unable to be seen externally.  So we trucked it up to the animal hospital an hr away where there is a guy that does ortho ultrasounds (I guess not everyone who is trained in ultrasound will complete ortho evals).  Brian had the test, but again nothing conclusive.  The doc said no obvious tears or inflammation of the muscles of the shoulder on the right side as compared to his left.  However he DID mention that Brian has an increase in the synovial fluid in the shoulder capsule, which again, just probably indicates that this is the side of issue (not sure if it means that anythin is wrong).

So at this point we are waiting to hear back from the original ortho who we saw last week.  She had mentioned that if it was a tear, they would repair it with a scope for minimal invasiveness.  However, since it's not, she had also mentioned that they sometimes will inject steriods into the muscle mass of issue to help speed and improve the healing process.  She had mentioned that dogs who get "a really bad sprain" just don't recover from just crate rest and rimadyl and need something stronger.  So basically, at this point, sounds like Brian might get recommendations for steriod injections and physical therapy.  I'll update when I hear back from the ortho again.

Almost 2 years ago Max started having trouble with his neck, kept his head in a titled position and was obviously in pain.  Took him in for xrays and it showed a calcification.  I was sick, I could not leave him in pain and could not afford the $10K for surgery, I thought I was going to lose my boy.  Acupuncture was recommended.  I can't say enough good things about acupuncture!  It gave me my boy back, he is pain free, plays hard like any corgi.  When I first took him he had 8 appointments, had to raise his dish up...who would have thought to do that with a dog that has such short legs.  My husband built a ramp off the deck into the yard....avoid stairs as much as possible. Last summer we were gone on vacation for a week and when we came home he kept following me upstairs as I was unpacking and all that stuff.  I could see his neck was starting to bother him again tho not as bad.  I took him and he had 4 treatments and his just fine.  The only time he comes upstairs now is at bedtime.  He is a mommy's boy.

I was so impressed that I tried acupuncture.  I have a fusion in my spine and I have chronic back pain.  For years I have been getting pain shots but they are very expensive and it just doesn't last that long.  Now my pain level has gone from a constant 7-8 to a 2-3.  The dog doesn't know it was suppose to help him...he just responded positively.


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