Leia's weight has never been an issue, in fact she's quite petite for a 2 year old corgi weighing in at about 15 lbs. Lately she's been vomiting for no apparent reason. She doesn't look or act sick and there's nothing she could be getting into, so we took her to the vet to find out what was the matter.
Well the vet says she is eating too fast. She said to portion out her food and that she only needs about a cup, which is surprising to me because I've been giving her 2 c/d for quite a while now! I never really thought she ate her food very fast, she always takes out a few pieces walks to the other side of the rooms, eats them and goes back.
So, starting today we're eating less! Feels weird for me though, I feel like I'm starving her!

EDIT: The food I feed her says on the package for a dog weighing 13-25 1 &1/2 to 2 cups a day. so I usually would just dump what I call 2 cups (although its actually two scoops from a small coffee mug, like smaller than a normal coffee mug) in her bowl in the morning and actually there's almost always left overs the next day. But she also gets a mini milk bone (one of the essential health ones or whatever they called) almost everyday so I can see why thats probably too much for her.
I heard they can have baby carrots and have actually started giving her those as of late but Ive never heard cottage cheese. Not sure if I want to try that because she is very sensitive to people food, she's never been allowed to have it.
Thank you all for the suggestions! I'm sure its really good I learned this now because while she doesn't have any weight issues now she would probably have had them in the future the way we were going!

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If she only eats a few pieces at a time I don't really see how she can be eating too fast? Although she may be eating more than she needs - 2 cups is a lot! Tucker gets 1 - 1 1/4 cups per day and he weighs 29 lbs so at 15 lbs she probably needs less food. The amount to feed her also depends on what kind of food. Did the vet say she needs to lose weight or is she just trying to take care of the vomiting problem? Did you change her food recently? How often does she vomit and how long has it been going on?

I hope you can get to the bottom of the problem!!
Roxi vomited every now and then on her old food. We changed to Wellness when it first came out in petsmart and then Core a few months ago and she hasn't vomited since. Except after playing too hard after drinking too much water... sigh....

It doesn't sound like she's eating too fast to me either.. I agree that two cups sounds a bit much for her size. Remember they are naturals at acting like they are being starved even if you just fed them lol.

You know her better then any of us though - it is hard to cut back sometimes but in the end if she does need to lose weight it will be great in the long run.
wow 2 c / day, thats an insane amount, loki eats 1.5 c /day at 25 lbs, he has never actually eaten over that even in his growth spurt time. Surprised your dog was able to maintain 15 lbs.
2 cups a day is a lot of food for a Corgi, unless you're feeding the super cheap stuff. Grissom is super petite, too. He only eats about a cup, and maintains perfect body condition, even with his extreme activity level. He goes to daycare and plays all day long about five days a week.
He used to scarf down his food, and for each meal for about four days I literally fed him one kibble at a time, by hand. He has not scarfed his food a single time since then. He's on california natural (suspected allergies, sorting it out on a plain & simple food) which has kibble sizes a little bigger than most foods not formulated for large breeds, and he actually chews every piece. Ok, well almost every piece.
My corgis get 1/3 cup twice daily of Eagle Pack kibble (chicken and rice) plus one TB cottage cheese, yogurt or Eagle Pack canned. Two cups is a pound of food. Too much unless you are walking five miles a day or serious hiking.....
Mine get 1 cup a day split into 2 feedings. Izzy, the resident couch potato, occasionally goes to 2/3 cup a day when she gets a little too fat. You can supplement with green beans or carrots too.
Sidney gets about 1/2 cup twice a day, maybe a little less. It seems like s little bit, but I think the dog food manufacturers have us conditioned to think they need a full bowl. Ever notice how much they feed in the commercials? I guess the same goes for us humans...we think we need these huge portions when really half or less would suit us just fine. ;)
Put a smaller bowl in the middle of her food bowl. Put the food in the space left between the food bowl and the smaller bowl. It will take her more time to get at her food which will help her eat more slowly. If you have a food bowl that already has an indention, turn it over and put the food in the small space between the outer edge of the bowl and the back side of what is the food bowl. I feed Cheyenne 1/3 cup dry 2x per day. Also, you can feed a low fat small curd cottage cheese mixed in with the dry so you can feed less dry.
If there's leftover in your dog's bowl that means you feed too much.
Also, never follow the feed instructions on the bag. They are always wrong and way too much food. Normal corgi's ration is 1 cup a day. I know it doesn't seem like enough, but if your dog throws up and leaves food for over 15 minutes in the bowl it's too much.


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