My 4 mo old female pup has been sleeping for the past 5 hrs only getting up Once when we insisted to go out to pee. She usually naps for an hr or two. Did not eat anything weird. It has been raining out for two days. Her nose is warm dry and the skin emenating from the nose has a larger pink area than originally. She is not interested in a treat and ate 6.5 hrs ago. Whats up? Janet and joe

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Yes all vaccines are up to date. Seemed normal this am. Just offered water and she drank it. Now eating tiny pieces of roast beef. We'll see. She seems more active now shaking hands and rolling over for the treat. But doing it all slowly. Maybe waking up from a very long nap! We will watch her closely. Thanks for your help.
Hurly has an appt w the vet in an hour. Im sure she has a sinus infection w pink color around nose and up snout, sneezing in the cold weather, lethargic for the past 20 hrs. Swelling of the nose and snout. She has eaten and drinks.
She was born w a split nose w an indentation that goes up her snout. That indentation is much less (almost gone) the swelling. And she wont let me touch her snout.
Did she by any chance just have one of her shots? Some of them can really make the pups woozy and drowsy -- the Lyme vaccine, for instance, put Ethel to sleep for nearly a full day. (well she got up here and there, but she was definitely sleeping a lot more.) But do keep an eye, poster Kerry Foose asks good questions and makes good points.
No shots for a few weeks. We'll waych her closely. She went back to her napping area after some water and small amount of food. We' ll see what happens.
Glad you made an appointment.If I were you I would always have benadryl on hand as swelling like this can be very dangerous! You can ask your vet also and also ask for the correct definatly need to take her in for something like this though!
oh dear, just saw your additional comment about the swelling. Good luck with vet, keep us posted.
We've been thinking about your pup, how is she doing?
Once she started her antibiotics and had one dose of steroid she has been feeling pretty well. really perked up in energy. Still sneezed outside in the cold weather (which is not really that cold in AZ!) Yesterday she has some pink discharge from her nose/mouth? I took her to another vet (I thought the other was young and inexperienced) just to make sure it wasn't more than loss of teeth coinsiding with this sinus infection/bug bite/or what ever all the differential diagnosis was... It was difficult for the vet to examine her because she suddenly turned into the devil from hell. Growling and trying to bite. Boy have I got a lot of training to do. She made me leave the room and the pup let some of the exam be done, but the vet did not get a good look in the mouth. I did later on and she does have the mid two insizers gone. She does get vicious with the first vet and teritorial with her food. OMG only 4 months old. got to nip that in the bud. When she does this I remove her from her food, tell her to wait, then give it back. Once I hand fed her to instill that the food comes from us humans and belongs to us. I have full intention to have the best trained corgi, so I'm concerned. I suspect there are things my family and maybe me are doing wrong. I tell them to make sure she is respectful. Waiting at the door til they are out/in first. waiting for food. They do have a tendency to give her treats w/o her working for it. And my 19 yo girl likes to get on the floor w/her to cuddle. She is too hyper to cuddle and wants to nip instead. My family needs training!!!!! The 2ed vet recommended classes at PetSmart. Which I was considering. One good thing is she is feeling better.
I don't know if I said this. But, the pup has a split nose. and I guess there is potential for chronic sinus infections maybe. She has a ridge (indentation) going up the middle of her snout. Thanks for your concern.
I'm glad she's feeling better!

With the food aggression, I understand what you are trying to accomplish. However, you are in fact unwittingly teaching her that you are unpredictable when it comes to your behavior around her food, so she'd best eat fast and keep an eye out or you might take it away at any moment.

A better method is either to put half the food in her dish, then stand by and add the second half while she eats, or to approach her with a yummy treat like cheese while she's eating, and then give her that when you call her name and she looks up at you. You can then progress to calling her name and dropping it into her dish, then calling her name and asking her to sit, picking up her dish and putting the yummy treat in it with her food, and then putting her dish back down with the treat in it.

Either method conditions your dog to think that if you approach her dish while she's eating, it's because you are bringing good things. In either case if she growls at your approach she does not get the extra food/treat, but the key difference is you are not taking from her something she already had. And with either method you will probably eliminate food aggression in just a few days.

While it's true that you should in time be able to take food even from her mouth, you first establish the trust so that if you have to do that once in a blue moon for her own good (she has something she shouldn't), the foundation of the relationship is already built.

Good luck, and classes are a great idea!
Great advice! Thanks. I can take stuff out of her mouth, whatever found on the floor so all is not lost. I also keep telling myself that she is young and I have time to work on this and other things.
I do need to become consistant and more frequent with training, and focus on the important things like come and stay. She already knows to sit, down, shake hands, roll over. and she lets us know when she needs to go out by barking at the door. (all at 4 mos old) But a few times I think she just wanted to go out to play. She has us trained!!!! Need to change the communication to ringing a bell or something else. Or I thought going out one door for potty and another for play. That'll trick her, or not. Janet
At 4 months, keep stay very short. If you get 2 or 3 seconds, be happy. Walk back to her, say "ok" to release her and reward lavishly. Long stays come when a dog matures at around a year and has a longer attention span. :-)
Obedience classes would be great! They really help in how to teach things also. I agree with Beth about the food. I was having a problem with this and the 1 year old I just brought back to my home. I found that feeding her by hand worked fast with her. Another thing you will want to try is to get on the floor and pretend to eat her food as if a child would ever come up to her bowl it is important that she not bite! Maybe start back further and get closer a little at a time if she is protective. I do this with my pups and with my puppies from my litters also. Glad she's feeling better!


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