I woke up today to find Ein acting strangely. He was fine yesterday when he got the shots, but today, he's not bearing any weight on his rear right foot. He didn't even want to chase after our cat or want to walk outside to go pee. His rear right leg is shakey and he whimpered when I gently touched it. So I carried him to his bed and he's sleeping right now.

He received these shots:
Corona Virus

Ein's received them before a year ago, but didn't have any reaction to them.

I was just wondering if this limping and behavior is normal after getting vaccines.

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Where was his shot given? How's his poop and is he eating and drinking? Take his temp. Sometimes they have a reaction to their shots. If he's not better tomorrow, call your vet. The limping could be something not related to his shots so if he's still limping, a vet visit is probably in order.
His shots were given on both sides of his legs, rabies shot being on the limping side. I haven't seen him poop today and he didn't want to eat or drink water. I had to hand feed him his kibble and water but he ate only ate 3 pieces and one slurp of water off my hand.
I would at least call the vet today. Rocky had a nasty reaction to his vaccinations and ended up at Iowa State vet clinic for 5 days. He dehydrated, which doesn't take long in small dogs, and was a sick little guy. He no longer can have routine vaccinations but must have his blood antigens tested. If they are ok, no vaccinations. If the antigens are low, he can have 1/4 the regular dose but only one kind at a time and if he needs more than one, they must be 4 months apart. These reactions can mess with their immune systems and can cause all kinds of problems so get your dog checked. It would be a good idea to take his temp. You can use a people thermometer, the digital kind. Put a dab of vaseline on it, insert it just a short distance, and wait for the beep. It doesn't take long to beep.
Ethel didn't have a good time after her 1 year old shots, either. She did fine as a puppy, but this second time around, she was very sore at the injection site and sluggish for a full day afterwards. Within 48 hours, though, she was back to normal. Hopefully Ein will be back to his old self by tomorrow, too. I think the vet suggests a return visit if any apparent side effects last longer than that.
This happens to Didi every time. Near the end I'm sure she's hamming it up. She limps and wont jump up on things and cries if you even REACH toward her hind quarters.
Usually around the 3rd day I stop carrying her outside to potty, which is usually about when she is perfectly fine to play but when it comes to doing something she doesn't want to do, she's too sick to get up. Drama queen.
I have the Drama King to go with your Queen! Sparty acts like you are killing him if you try to brush him much less give him a shot! And yes I did start brushing him at an early age and tried treats etc. He acts like the world is coming to an end if he sees the nail clippers. We are used to it now and just ignore his drama. I have the vet clip his nails so I don't have to deal with it but even a bath makes him shake and carry on pitifully!
Thanks everyone for your responses!

Ein is doing so much better today. He's now eating, drinking water, and not limping anymore. I guess I just had to be patient and wait 2 days instead of 1.
Chester recently ran and ended up with a bad limp in his back right leg..Vet said he has hip dysplasia, ( from xray) with some arthritis..hes on Rimadal now and Vit E supplements, and Glucosomin..we're hopeful this will work after a few weeks of rest..how is Ein now?
Ein's back to normal!

Thanks for asking :)
sometimes the dog tense their muscles as the shot is given and it causes soreness. Similar to when humans get a shot in their shoulder area - causes sore muscles the next few days. Bear has had shots on 4 different occasions, for 3 of them no reaction at all, for one of them you couldn't touch him, pick him up, or go near him for about 2 days. My vet was nice enough to leave some meds for him at the front counter so we didn't have to go in.
My puppies had the shots in the scruff area. Leo had his rabies shot after surgery and I did not notice any soreness. Glad to hear Ein is back to normal.


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