Dais, my 2 1/2 year old Corgi is limping badly on her rear right leg.  I have a home office and Daisy and my other Corgi (Poppy) were laying outside of my office door.  They always nap there all morning until it is lunch time when my husband comes home.  I heard the garage door and the dogs take off to welcome home my husband for lunch and when I walk downstairs... there is Daisy looking sad at the bottom of the stairs.  I called to her and Poppy to come to me to go out and potty.  Daisy proceeds to hobble up the stairs having trouble putting weight on her right rear leg.  She had been just fine this morning... running and playing as usual.


I sat down on the floor with her and looked at her paw and it seems fine.  I felt her leg and I cannot feel anything abnormal.  She does not whimper when I touch her paw or leg... but she will still not put it on the floor.  Right now she is back to napping... she seems just fine other than her right rear leg.  She eats, drinks, trys to walk around, etc. 


Does anyone have any experience with anything similar?

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My first thought with the way you are describing it is ACL (CCL) tear, I'd take her to the vet if it doesn't clear up soon. Cross your fingers that its not a ACL tear, but if it is, prepare for a $2000+ surgery to repair it. Your vet will be able to manipulate her leg/knee to tell for sure and will need x-rays. Good luck.
My dog valentine does the same thing when she plays fetch with her sticks and exercises too much, she will limp for a day and then the next day she is perfectly fine, the vet at her checkup time said she had a bit of arthritus in it and nothing to do about it

Have the vet make sure it isn't an ACL tear; if it isn't...then a sprain is probably the problem.  Duncan did that when he was little, and to this day, if he runs to much, he starts limping.


Thank you for the replies.... I hope that it is a sprain or strain.  I am giving it until Friday and then off to the vet we go.  I am supposed to leave for vacation next week... looks like that might have to be put on hold  so I can take care of my poor Daisy.
Wynn did this when he was about wto. It was a nice spring day and he ran full speed and had a great day. The next day he wasn't using his one rear leg. It was a strain:( Hopefully Daisy just over did it!

My 6.5 month old corgi started limping and babying her left hind leg this past Thursday and I was able to get her into the vet on Friday. He said she had some soft tissue damage and gave me some anti-inflammatory pain relieving pills (arthritis medicine) to take home and give her. He also told me to keep her from exercising and doing any high impact activities, but luckily I didn't have to keep her real still. It sounds to me like Daisy is limping worse than my Ein was though. You'll never know for sure what's wrong until you take her to the vet. Hopefully it's nothing serious and she recovers quickly.


Here's my thread for more details: http://www.mycorgi.com/forum/topics/after-sleep-limping



It definitely sounds like an ACL tear.  Seanna tore hers last March, and had surgery.  Email me if you need info!

We had a similar experience, and in Sid's case it was hip dysplasia, and the leg bone had dislocated. It was our first indication that he even had HD. He was three when it happened. After the initial dislocation he could move around fine but would (could?) not put his left rear leg onto the ground. A few days after the dislocation he had FHO surgery. Now he's almost good as new. He walks perfectly, no limp. He just gets tired after a couple miles; it's the resulting arthritis. He's no glucosamine to keeps his joints as healthy as can be.


Please let us know what the vet says. We're keeping fingers and paws crossed that it's just a sprain!



Yesterday and thoroughout the night I kept Daisy as calm as possible... no stairs and limited attempts at walking.  This morning... she is putting weight on her leg and has just a bit of a limp.  She does not have any visible signs of pain when I touch her hurt leg.  I am going to keep a close eye on her today and see if she continues to improve.  Fingers are crossed she has a sprain or strain.

There must be something to this spring weather! Baxter got hurt playing at the dog park about a week and a half ago. He started to favor his right front paw. I could touch his paw and he was fine. I took him to the vet the next day and she said it was a soft tissue injury. She said he "vocalized" when she was examining his right leg. He got anti-inflammitories and a week of rest. Well, more like two weeks of rest.


I hope Daisy feels better!


It looks like Daisy just had some sort of strain.  For the second day in a row... absolutely no limping. 
Well, just keep her quiet for several weeks if possible, to give it time to heal.  Fair warning, she'll probably strain it again.  It's hard to keep a corgi down.  Duncan will sometimes "tiptoe" on the foot he strained many years ago it he runs to much.  By "tiptoe" if he stands still, you can tell he's not putting his foot completely down on the ground, just sorta touching the ground with his toes; keeping weight off of it.


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