Sophie was limping on her right back leg a couple weeks ago, so we took her to the vet,  He couldnt find anything wrong with just the physical exam, so he gave us some anti inflamitory and pain med.  That worked wonders and she hadnt limped since, until her 10 days worth of pills were gone.  Now she is back to limping again.  She does it when she has been layiing down, and when she gets up she limps alot for a minute or 2 and then she is walking ok on it, but I can tell she isnt putting full pressure on the leg when she is standing.  She doesnt seem to be in pain because she still fraps and jumps which I know I need to try and stop,  I am scared to death that it is something serious.  I plan on taking her back to the vet again tomorrow and he will have to do exrays.  Has anyone else experience anything like this.  She is only 9 months. old

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I've said it once and I'll say it again, corgis have bum back right legs. I think we need to speak to the manufacturer about this. But seriously, seems like there are SO many corgis out there (including Franklin and now it seems Kirby) with bad right hind legs! Franklin will limp on his right hind after a strenuous fetch session or a day of high activity, Kirby's right hind is weak and after he runs a ton he acts uncomfortable and shifts around and whines a lot. Franklin has been x-rayed twice about a year apart by two different vets and the vets say he has excellent knees and hips. Once was with sedation and once full anesthesia so they could get the equivalent of PennHip x-rays. Vet says its a soft tissue injury, seems weird to me a soft tissue injury would continue for 2 years. I also hear joint popping/cracking when he walks around sometimes. Kirby has yet to be x-rayed but I suspect he has bad hips.

My suggestion, I would go ahead with the x-rays for piece of mind, and I would also rest her for 2 weeks. Maybe (if the vet suggests) allow sedation for the x-rays and so she can do a more thorough hip/knee exam. Sometimes they get so tense when the vet tries to manipulate hips/knees that they will mask problems such as drawer signs (a sign of a damaged/torn ACL). If she has a slightly damaged ACL then rest can help it repair. She may also have a luxating patella which isn't painful for them and generally the vets I work for say just keep an eye on it and will only do surgery if it happens all the time.  If its a soft tissue injury then x-rays won't tell you antyhing but at least you will know for sure its not a bone/joint issue

@ Melissa and Franklin - Guess they have bum left rear legs too! Sadly, Ricky-Rafa still limps on occasion, but we've had him to the vet several times and when the surgeon doesn't believe surgery is needed, we listen. But, we bring him back regularly for check-ups. I don't hear any popping/cracking sounds, just that RR sometimes limps for a few minutes after napping. He shows no sign of pain but I know dog's pain tolerance is high. We try to monitor his activity, but it's hard bec. he's such an active 2-yr old. The vet feels RR's problem is his ACL not hips. RR is higher in the leg than my other corgis. By any chance are Kirby and/or Franklin too? My "shorter" legged corgis never had ACL problems, but 2 did have back issues.

    Yes.  Buddy has had a torn ACL. We had it surgically repaired.  He also is getting Adequin(sp) injections for a bad right hip. He is 5 years old and one thing i have learned is to take notice when he is acting abnormal. Both of these problems could  have been addressed a little sooner had i just "listened" to him. I would maybe even get a second opinion from another vet because there is a reason Sophie is limping. Better to address the issue before more damage is done, imo. Keep us posted and best of luck

Sounds the same as Ricky-Rafa. We took him to the vet and he suspected a partially torn ACL in his left rear leg. He too would limp upon waking from a nap or first thing in the morning. Then he'd walk it off. He was scheduled for surgery and I cancelled it because he seemed much better. The limping had stopped. When the limp came back we went ahead and scheduled the surgery. The vet decided not to perform the surgery as RR seemed much improved and the vet felt the tear had healed itself. Throughout this period we tried to keep him from frapping with his "sister." But, he's a corgi, hard to keep down and we didn't want to keep him crated. He's 2 years old. He still occasionally limps. He's very active. We give him an anti-inflammatory that the vet prescribed once a day and I'd say 95% of the time he seems perfect. We take him to the vet periodically just to keep an eye on him. I try to keep him from jumping and monitor his activity as much as I can, short of crating him or using an x-pen. The vet will know much more after the x-rays. Good luck! Keep me posted. Bev Levy had something similar with her corgi, Sparty. You might want to write her.

Lucy how long has Ricky been on the anti inflammatory pill,  It helped Sophie alot, but I wasnt sure if it is something they can remain on for a long period of time.  How long has Ricky had his limping issue?  I know we are supposed to keep her inactive, but at 8 months that is almost impossible.  If she doesnt get her excercise she is a holy terror. 

Thanks everyone for your help thus far.

I wouldn't keep on the anti-inflammatories for very long unless I knew what the issue was. For Sophie since they don't know the problem you are just masking what could be a serious symptom. Another reason not to use the anit-inflammatory is you WANT her to be a little uncomfortable so she doesn't use that leg. If you completely mask the pain she will run and play like a maniac and risk further damage. Franklin broke his foot at 7 months old which meant crating and no activity for 8 weeks! It was horrible for both of us but we got through it with lots of kongs and learning new tricks etc. Don't allow her to play before the vet says its ok. I made this mistake with Franklin as a pup with his broken foot because as you know a corgi puppy is pretty much impossible to keep quiet. We paid for it by an extra 2-3 weeks (don't remember) in the cast bc it wasn't healing properly.

Hi Vicki/Kurt, I'm Wendy. Lucy and Rick-Rafa are my Corgis. RR has been on anti-inflammatory liquid medication for about 3 months now. We've stopped it and he's started limping again, so we'll restart it w/ his food tomorrow. He is so young and active that I feel it's no life for him to spend cooped up in an x-pen or crated. if he needs ACL surgery, we will do that as part of his post-op care. Right now we're just monitoring his activity with Lucy and if members disagree, I'm sure we'll hear from them. Keep me posted! Good luck.

my corgi did that and the vet put her on meds to.The vet could not find anything wrong with her.come to find out it was either because somebody stepped on her or she was stung by a bee

I would guess small partial ACL tear. Luke had very similar symptoms and after about 4 useless vet visits the orthopedic vet finally confirmed that was what he thought it was. We have not done surgery because now his symptoms are very minor, and the vet could not guarantee he would even get much improvement from surgery at this point.

How old is Luke?

He just turned two, but the original limping started last summer. As of now he sometimes hesitates on that leg after getting up from lying down, but that's about it. He still runs around like crazy usually.

@Jane - Our vet said the same of Ricky-Rafa. He saw, on the day that RR was scheduled for surgery, such a big improvement, that he decided to postpone surgery and just monitor him. He said there was no guarantee that the surgery wouldn't have its own complications. So far so good! Our vet has been terrific. He's done many surgeries on our Corgis over the years, mostly just neutering, but he is very good and has our complete trust.


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