To all our dear friends - I wanted to let you know that we had to let our little boy Remy go on December 28, 2010.


He woke up Christmas morning and was very sick - he did not eat, drink or move all day.   We thought it might be something he ate but started looking and acting better on Sunday.  By Tuesday we could tell there was something wrong and took him to his vet, Dr. Craig Meyer of Lake Travis Animal Hospital .    Dr. Meyer is the best vet we EVER had.   He would spend up to 2 hours with us during an appointment when we were trying to figure out why Remy was having trouble walking when his DM started.   He spent 2 hours yesterday with us making sure we were not overlooking any possibilty that could help Remy.   I know some might say it's because he's charging by the hour - but that's not the case - he really cares about his furry patients and the people who love them!


Dr. Meyer said that sometime in the past few months, Remy had developed a tumor that developed very aggressively.  Dr. Meyer said that it was to the point now that it was pressing on his bladder and that was why he was having trouble.   He said that he had less than a week and was concerned because if the tumor ruptured, he would bleed to death and it would be very painful.    We always thought the DM that caused his lower spine and back legs not to work would be what he would succumb to.  Just last week Remy and I were out on the back deck playing ball and he was running around chasing the ball in his cart - so happy to be outside playing in the warm weather.


We kept him that night and in the morning took him to let Dr. Meyer put him to sleep.   Dr. Meyer offered to come to the house but could not do that until later in the day.   Remy did not look good this morning and we could see he was telling us it was time.


As you know, Remy was "our little boy".   We always knew this day would come and when it did, it would be very hard on both of us.   It's worse than I thought.   We miss him terribly, but know we did the right thing so that he did not suffer.


Alot of people would say "he's just a dog" but he wasn't that to us.


Our house is very quiet and it does not feel right to not have him here.


Thanks for being a part of his happy life!


Karen, Rob & Remy Martin of Travis, the Sweetest Pea in the Pod!


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oh my goodness that was the sweetest  poem, i havent lost a corgi and dont ever want to..although i know it happens..

MY tears are for all your pups that passed..

Of all my life experiences this little dog of mine has brought me such joy and such frustration trying to learn how to train and understand her. I believe it makes the bond tighter, because we spend so much time together.

I sure am glad i came across this place.. this wonderful place where everyone understands ~ you all have offered me so much, and i pray its a comfort to you and to mauser, and remys mom..

Sparky and I are very sad to hear this. You are in our thoughts.
Bob - thanks for your thoughts.   I was admiring the photos of SparkPlug (great name) and was especially fond of his "bathtime in the sink" photos as well as the one of him using your office chair as a headrest.   These fur kids do the cutest things!   Give SparkPlug a big hug and scratch from me and Remy tonight!
Our Deepest Sympathy to you all. We so understand Remy was your fur child. Bless your hearts.
Kitty - thanks so much for your kind words.   Gwenie is such a sweetie and takes quite a lovely picture.   I love the one of her sleeping on her toys!   Those little fur kids can sleep anywhere, anytime!  Give Gwenie a big hug from us tonight!
I'm truly sorry for your loss. I just had to put our poodle down Friday for almost the same reasons. My thoughts are with you and your family.
Little Caesar is very sweet!   Looks like he is a "go dog" just like my Remy.   Remy loved to go for a ride in the car - anytime we would even SAY the word "go" he figured he was going for a ride.   Thanks for your kind words and sorry to hear about your poodle - give exta hugs and scratches to Caesar for us!
I really loved the poem!  I too have been crying for two days.  Way too many furry babies have gone!  I lost a spaniel a few years ago, and it took 2 years till I could even think about getting another dog.  So we got 2!  2 beautiful corgis!  I can't stand the thought of the day that surely must come!  My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.  Yes, I too will be having scotch and chocolate cake for dinner!!  (And giving my babies an extra big hug and kiss)!!!
I was just reading about your loss of Remy.   It is clear by your words how much you loved him.....My heart aches for you....but then I think about Remy playing with all the dogs in his new life and that he will never feel pain or be afraid....he just will have unending love, peace and joy.....the  gift of love you gave him throughout his life and then to let him go in the end without undue suffering.....Oh that we all could love and be loved that way....

This is making me miss max. I am sorry for your loss.


For Max, always and forever

When I hear bells ring
I shall see your face
Laying there, gracefully
Full of regal poise

When I hear thunder roll
I shall hear your voice
Loudly barking, fearfully
Full of false bravado

When I fill a dinner bowl
I shall see your eyes
Watching me, hungrily
Full of starry brightness

When I see your picture
I shall think of you
Cherishing you, heartily
Full of ferocious love

When my heart is sad
I shall remember you
Loving me, fondly

I gave Tootsie an extra hug today - they are so precious ....  My condolences - Patti and Tootsie
Oh my gosh, I just logged on to see this.  I am so very sorry.  I lost my first Corgi in very much the same way, and this brings back some very sad memories.  The pain never leaves us, but thankfully neither do the wonderful memories.  You're in my thoughts.


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