I recently moved into an apartment as I am now attending vet school and I was lucky enough to get one with a little (very little) yard filled in with gravel so I don't have to take the dogs out on leashes for a quick potty break. They also put in a patch of fake grass in the yard for dog owners. I've been hosing it down daily since the dogs are peeing in it and it's just gravel. Does anyone know of some kind of disinfecting cleaner that isn't too expensive that I could use out there about once a week or something?

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Bleach maybe?

i would be scared to use bleach even though it disinfefcts.  Not sure it is non toxic to dogs.  I've heard even window cleaner isnt good for dogs!!! 

I'm pretty sure a lot of kennels and vets and such use bleach for sanitizing. I could be wrong though! Obviously I would dilute it and then rinse it down with a hose or something afterwards too just to be safe.

Chemicals around animals just make me nervous.   They may use bleach at a vets office.  The thought of using it in a backyard, makes me uneasy for some reason.   Chemicals for anyone aren't good, pet or human. 

I recently bought the new lysol products with hyrodgen peroxide instead of bleach and wow, the smell of the hydrogen peroxide is sooooo strong, not sure why!!! 

I work at a doggie daycare and we used diluted quat, we buy the sprayers that attach to a hoes and used 1 1/2 tsp ratio.

The sun is a great disinfectant.  I would worry more about odor.  In warm weather you can use Odormute, which is not expensive if you buy it in powder form.

I use bleach. I just mix it in one of those self diluting spray bottles that you attach to the hose. Does a great job of getting rid of the stinky smell. When I didn't have a hose I'd just mix bleach and hot water in a big pot and pour it on my patio, let it sit, then rinse with hot water.

We disinfected the kennels at school twice a week and one day we used dilute bleach (can make it anywhere between a 1:10 to 1:30 dilution whichever you prefer). Just let it sit 10 minutes and rinse with water and it will be fine, won't hurt anyone. We never had an issue with any of our dogs or our cats (we also disinfected the outside cattery this way). We had more issues with the Novalsan disinfectant than bleach.


Dog urine is a lot less toxic than bleach.

I'd recommend a garden hose with water.

A patch of real grass -- biologically active soil -- would be best of all.

If urine odor is objectionable, vinegar (acetic acid).

Be careful never to mix bleach with vinegar or any other acid -- acidified bleach releases chlorine gas.

My main reason for it actually is that I noticed today while I was out there, it did smell a bit like urine so I wanted something to control the smell most of all. I'll try vinegar 

I have been using vinegar for quick clean ups of my bearded dragon tank. It takes care of the smell there and dragon poo is rank. (If I had known how bad the smell was I wouldn't have gotten her.) I think I would save the bleach for monthly cleanings and use the vinegar on a regular basis for the dogs.

If you just want to control the smell, I'd flush it occasionally with water.   

First of all, water. Hose it down. You're already doing that, so....

Not good enough? Vinegar. It kills odor, is safe for fish and reptile tanks, not to mention food.

Bleach water is what we use to disinfect the kennels, carriers, toys, brushes, etc. It kills germs, helps contain the spread of disease which is essential when you have several thousand animals through your doors in a year. Do you? Probably not. It's probably overkill if all you're worried about is smell. But it will work. Let it sit, rinse WELL.

What I want to know is how to keep the urine from killing the flowers. Oliver is methodically working his way down the daylily border, killing them off one by one. Anybody know the answer to that one?


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