Vet says our little girl needs to lose like 5 lbs...we cut her food back and give her a weight loss food and instead of treats we give her fresh green beans...which she seems to love. She still pushes her food dish around with her nose so I can tell she is still hungry. I also give her ice cubes to crunch on.


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Hi Dawn, what's Bella feeding schedule? How much doe she eat each setting? How many minutes of outdoor on leash walk does she get daily? What other food items does she consume on a daily basis?
Dawn thanks for the friend invite.  I feed Solomon Taste of the Wild, he gets 1/2 cup of plain dry in the am and then 1 cup at night along with 1/2 cup of his favorite veggies which consists of Pees, Carrots and Green Beans at night for dinner.  Plus I take him out nightly to chase the Squeeky Tennis Ball.  He runs till his tongue comes out!!!!!  So he is looking better and I feel good by exercise (running) him.  The only 2 extra treats he gets are knuckle bones to clean his teeth and he gets the cheesy Pupcorn that I get at Petsmart.  He gets those for doing his personal business outside!!!  Hope that helps.
You could try other veggies like carrot, apples, etc. Charlee Bears and Zuke's minis are very low calorie treats too I believe. What type and how much kibble is she getting? Henry gets one cup a day plus a handful of frozen cut green beans with each meal.

Hi Dawn- You have a really nice lookin corgi.  I would try switching the amount around. 1 cup in morning and the 1/2 at night. This way he can work off the 1 cup during the day. and have his veggies and 1/2 cup at night. Mine had to loose some weight to, and i gave him carrots to snack on, he like cantaloupe to, not fattening at all, mostly water in fruit. Also sliced apples are good. Have fun.


Rosie and Rocky each get 1/2 cup, Rocky a bit more, Rosie a bit less, of Blue Buffalo Fish and potato twice a day. It seems to keep them at good weights and their coats are gorgeous. We really watch Rosie since she has had shoulder problems and we don't want any extra weight on her. If she looks a bit porky, I cut back the kibble a bit and toss in a generous handful of frozen green beans at her feedings. They both love the beans right out of the freezer! She will gain weight on anymore that 1 cup of kibble per day. They get small treats during the day. Pupcorn is a low cal treat that they really like, either the cheese or peanut butter flavor. They get one biscuit per day to help the teeth stay clean. They love any fruits or veggies and Rosie knows how to pick her own green beans from the garden!! They love garden season since they get grape tomatoes, green beans, brussels sprouts, whatever is picked. Rocky thinks anytime the hubby heads to the gate with the garden basket in his hand that he, Rocky, needs to go with him to help with the harvest!


Basically, cut back her kibble, watch the treats, no people food unless it's fruit or veggies, and walk her 30+ minutes per day, every day! Just like us, eat less, eat better, and exercise to lose weight. Easy to say isn't it!?



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