As we all know Corgis can become quite stubborn and independent-minded and Lucy, at 18 months old, is no exception. But twice now Lucy has given me a level of sass that bothers me a lot and I am not sure why she has resorted to it. Out on walks, we often run into people which Lucy LOVES--she lives for "saying hi" to other people--anybody. She is well known in the neighborhood as the friendliest dog around. Always leashed, she loves saying hi and adores being petted by others. When people move on and I also start walking again, saying "come Lucy", she usually continues. But twice now, I made a move to go and she grabbed my pants to stop me--ok she's done that before. I waited, then tried again, she grabbed my shoe, laid down and looked off in the direction the other people have gone. Ok. I waited, then she started to grab the tabs on my shoe--I said "leave it" and she began to growl. When I tried to move my foot, she growled again. When I reached down to pet her--thinking that could calm her--she growled louder. I said "no" and she let go of my shoe, looked up at me and barked with a growl--she had never done that before. Not knowing what to do, I waited, ignoring her for several minutes, then finally was able to continue on the walk and she was just fine afterward.

She has never done this with anyone else nor does she do this in the house. Was this a battle of wills? Was she just trying to get her way whatever that was? Lucy is normally quite sweet and good natured.

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It sounds as if you also are going through a little adolescent behavior. Have you gone to any obedience classes? If not now would be a good time. You had the right idea about stopping and telling her no but don't pet her while she is misbehaving. Just start moving and drag her if needed. Try googling Nothing In Life Is Free and use some of the methods to help you in getting through this stage. This is a time period where she learns who is in charge and it really should be you. That is why classes would be so helpful.

I did classes with her last year when she was 3-5 months old. I have been thinking of starting again. I didn't want to keep walking and dragging her because she had a good hold of my pants and I didn't want them torn (she has already ruined a few pair when I have done this). The growling is new.

Definitly disengage her from your pants classes will be different than the puppy classes. I did classes several times over the years with my dogs. Unless you are a really good self starter it helps keep you on the right track. Most of us (me) tend to get a little complacent over time and corgis instinctively take advantage.


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