Male corgi, help me get him to get along with my other dog

I'm new to this forum and I've just recently adopted a corgi (named Duke) from a shelter out in Copperas Cove, TX.  To make a long story short, the shelter said was he was found on the road and he was hit by a car during the week of the 4th of July.  He has a hyper extended tendon in his front left paw.  We took him to Aztec Vet Clinic in Harker Heights and he has a clean bill of health.  We got him his shots and the vet put a splint on his left paw.  We have a female pitbull (named Princess)and she's a sweet heart.  I'm trying to get these 2 to get along.  For the most part they do.  They'll walk by each other and no grownling or anything will happen.  I've found that when Princess comes close to Dukes face, he starts growling a little bit, but never lashed out and tried to bite or anything.  Whenever he does this princess simply walks away.  Any tips on how to help these 2 dogs get a long?

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from what i read, it sounds likes all hes saying is "get out of my face" my girl, dollar, will growl at baden if he gets in her face while shes trying to sleep. your dogs sound like they are getting along great :) sometimes dogs just need personal space and dont want to be bothered at all. dogs communicate differently than us so it sounds mean but its just there way of "talking"

I just got my second corgi at the end of May.  My 2 year old corgi will do the same thing to him.  She growls when Luke gets too close to her when she does not want to play.  He is still a puppy though and is still learning to respect boundaries.  It sounds pretty normal to me.  I have heard both my dogs growl harmlessly at each other for various reasons, but they get along great otherwise.  I am sure to give each dog some time to play with me by themselves and time away from each other too so that no one gets jealous or overwhelmed.

Sounds like they are working it out just fine.  As long as she walks away when he tells her she's bugging him, you're OK.  There are good videos on YouTube of dog them.  They are very interesting and very helpful!

Princess is so sweet and understands that Duke may need some space. I wouldn't worry too much at this point,  BUT I will supervise when they are together or there is other dogs involved. (No every dog is as sweet as Princess).

How long have they been together though? How does Duke response to yummy treat? (What a stupid question, corgis love food...)

there have been some discussions on introducing a new dog into the home, you can type key words into the search box at the top right of the screen, some experiences others have had may help reassure you.

Thanks for the advice everyone.  I'm sure in time they'll get along great. I took both of them out last night to go for a pee/poop and princess was running around and duke was chasing her.  Even with his split that little guy can run lol.  He has portrayed some dominant acts when I left him home yesterday.  My girlfriend took a video of princess and him "playing".  Here's a link to the video Princess and Duke.  Any thoughts?


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