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I see stories of owners who only bathe their Corgis once a year or so, and I can't fathom how that's possible! You see, Marcus suffers from a very common (human) male ailment... he has TERRIBLE aim. Half the time when he tries to lift his leg, he pees on his belly, the backs of his front paws... even his face! We are getting him neutered next week, and I was wondering if anyone had experience as to whether or not that helped the matter any. He's 13 months old now and hasn't been lifting his leg for too awful long (he still squats late at night when he's tired), so I am wondering if maybe he will "learn" how to not pee all over himself?


I know with humans you can always train them with Cheerios in the toilet, but I can't fathom that "accuracy" is a skill that I can train him, is it?

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lol sorry to laugh but that's pretty funny! I'd expose him to more male dogs so he can learn the proper art of lifting his leg. It really is a learned behavior so take him to dog parks or a place with lots of other males so he can watch them do it more and more. Franklin never had the issue of peeing on himself but he would often pee than walk in it so I'd have to wash his feet off. Perhaps you just need a doggie pancho when you take him out to potty!
It's sadly pretty hilarious. I watched him one day while he fell over while peeing, and somehow nailed himself in the nose. Even though I saw it happen, I still couldn't describe to you how it actually worked! Hopefully we'll get him out to some Corgi meetups post-neuter and he'll learn some pointers.
omg, I'm getting a visual and it's pretty funny.  poor baby, I'm sure he's not happy about it either.  :)

Dexter used to pee on this front paws and belly all the time!! It so frustrating at times because I would have to give his belly a bath every time he went outside. This happened a long after he was neutered and lasted probably 4 months. He never pees on his belly now but will still occasionally get the front paws. He just started lifting his left maybe about 2 months ago. This has definately helped with the issues. Ever since he started lifting his leg, I feel like my boy is growing up! He will be 2 in October :)


Does Marcus ever walk and pee? When Dex was a pup he would get so excited to be at the park that he would stop and pee but not quite finish when he started to walk/run - creating a weird design on the walking path...hahahaha

I wish I could have taught Baxter how to aim using Cheerios. =) Baxter only ever peed on his front left paw. We got him to stop doing that by tugging on his leash and making him switch sides before the pee stream got to the paw. So every time he needs to pee it becomes that scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (starting at 8:35 to 9:15.)
Go ahead and laugh...its never happened to me or Dino. There is a art to it.
Hi Erin, taking away his testicles will not improve his aim :) Melissa is right, take him to the park, watch and learn :)
Mine is around the same age and has only just stopped peeing all over his legs. Now my only problem is he walks too close to the other male when HE's peeing. x.x

I needed a good laugh tonight! Embrace what you have now, for once he learns the art, he will show you everywhere you go. We can't pass a mailbox or sprinkler head on our walks with Sparky showing me what he knows! I do trim his belly hair to keep it clean.


I'm so sorry, I had to laugh, too.  I can see the paws and belly hits, but his face??? Oh my word!  I don't think the cheerios would work...he'd probably eat them (preferably BEFORE he peed on them).  LOL...I'm still chuckling...  I'm sure it'll all 'come out in the wash' as he grows up.  Wish it did with some of the human males I know.  LOLOL...oh my...falling over and nailing his nose...LOL...  thank you for a good laugh!
At least he can hit the ground.

My corgis (males) have different lifts. Chepstow just lifts his back leg vertically up and does pee on his front paws sometimes. Now Tenby has more of a horizonal and out (leaning over) lift which is very effective and never pees on himself.

Now Tenby does pee on Chepstow all the time.  Because if Chepstow stops and lifts his leg, in true male form Tenby runs over and lifts his leg where Chepstow is peeing.............before Chepstow finishes.


OK....I am retired and have plenty of time to analyze the boys styles


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