There are always personality differences between the genders and I was wondering what the differences are? Is one more laid back then the other? More connected with you then the other? I always go to MyCorgi for advice because you guys know first hand about Corgi's and their pros and cons. Thanks for all the help of the Corgi community and I think without this site I wouldn't be as Corgi crazed as I am now but looking at forums and blog posts i know im not the only one is has OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder!

Thanks everyone! 

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I think that you are by and large correct.   I do think that many performance people tend to believe that males give you more consistency and females more brilliance mixed with more inconsistency.  Horse people think that too.  But I also think that is more true of intact animals dealing with hormone fluctuations; neutering/spaying takes much of that inconsistency out of the equation.

Agreed, I actually started to write something about that, but then deleted it as it makes for a much longer conversation....:-)

Here's a good blog post by a noted trainer/behaviorist:

Thanks for the article It was interesting to see peoples input on it too!

I agree that personality and disposition  are the real factors. I have a real range of them at my house.

Another BIG factor is making sure that your pups is highly socialized with people,dogs, kids and other can have a sweet dog but they need this to get along well with other others. I often wonder if my Livvy is more aggressive because even though I socialized her I didn't as much as my others...I never thought about this till she became my most difficult. She's fine with people and kids but I have to watch her with other dogs. She also has the strongest herding instinct and drive(personality). Wynn my laid back male has his terms as when he wants to be by me. All my females hover to get close to me but Sage is just like her father except for the "want to be by me" factor.

I have a female corgi and she is awesome! She has a little bit of an attitude but we can easily control it. She LOVES everyone!!! She wants to stop and say hi to everyone on our walks and we haven't had any problems with her and other dogs. She can be very bossy with them but she's or aggressive. She loves to cuddle and be close to you. She can talk back but she knows the stop signal and usually will stop. I have not owned a male corgi yet but I have owned a male heeler and he was much harder to deal with then Foxey has been. Before you pick a dog I would suggest meeting them and playing with them first and if you have other dogs ask if you can bring them with you and have them interact as well.
Thanks for the advice and I'd prefer a female just because I've always had a female dog but if I male fits more what I'm looking for then I will get the male. Thanks(:


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