I have two corgis (one boy and one girl) and although both are house trained, the girl has developed a habit of marking inside the house areas where the other corgi has been or marking on things (like a chew toy or bone) that belong to the other corgi.  I don't know what to do.  Our girl corgi has now ruined all the carpets.  Help!

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is she spayed?

It may be worth having her urine checked by your vet to rule out a bladder infection or other issue causing her to urinate in the house.

Is this a new behavior? Have you added a new dog, cat, roommate to the house? If nothing at all has changed, best option is a deep clean (enzymatic cleaners etc) of all areas that have been previously marked. Keep items off the ground that she will likely try to mark. If you catch her in the act immediately make a loud noise and "no". My friend's male dog used to mark in two different spots EVERY time he came to my house so I sprayed some water with lime juice (or any citrus smell) on the walls where he previously marked, dogs hate citrus so he avoided that area and no longer marks there. If she marks in one spot, start feeding her in that area/room. Dogs hate going to the bathroom where they eat. It may also be time to go back to square one, limit her freedom, and begin the whole potty training process over again because if she is urinating in the house she is no longer fully potty trained. Restrict her to small areas or keep her leashed when she is loose, make her earn her freedom all over again.

It is not uncommon for a spayed female to "leak". Have her checked by your vet. Our dobe has this problem and fairly inexpensive medication has corrected the problem. Meanwhile, make sure the carpet has been cleaned with an enzyme cleaner so that the urine smell is gone.
Can you recommend an enzyme cleaner?  I've been using Nature's Miracle...is that sufficient (do you know)?  Thanks.
nature's miracle usually works pretty well. They have several different types, I usually use the one called "no more marking" you have to REALLY saturate the area with it in order for it to work. Unfortunately if the urine has soaked down to the pad under the carpet nothing short of replacing the carpet will get the urine scent completely out.
I am so sorry about the carpets!  I was going to chime in that around here we call Twinkie "The Eraser"!  When we go OUT on a walk and her sister goes potty, Twinkie immediately walks up and pees over it.  I think she is saying to herself, "See I am the only dog of substance around!"
This is what our's does too...so I don't think it's a physical problem.  I think she's trying to establish some kind of dominance or something.  She's sneaky, though, she only does it in the house when we are gone.
If she only does it when you're gone then I would just start crating her or putting her in an xpen when you leave.


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