What is the general consensus on the age of maturity for a corgi as far as behavior?  Foxy is the happiest dog when it comes to meeting other dogs and people and while I love that about her I wish she'd calm down a little.  We have been to several obedience classes and even through advanced.  We do compete in other dog sports as well.  An example is when we walk into dog school she practically hops on her two back legs she's so excited to get in there and see everyone.  I guess I have to be more diligent about her walking on a leash skills, but I'm basically at a loss.  Just wondering if some of this is her age?  She is 18 months old.  I'm running out of time to use the excuse she's just a puppy lol.  Thank you for any advice you can offer.

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Many dogs continue with puppy-like behavior until they are nearer 2 years old. Having a dog who was like this myself, I understand the frustration but do remember the upsides of having a dog who thinks the world is full of friends far outweighs the downside. Having known a few people with dogs who have to carefully vet everyone they meet, and a simple introduction comes with a lengthy list of instructions (don't make eye contact, don't move too fast, let him approach you, he's ok with small female dogs but not big dogs or males or dogs with spots.....), I am grateful for what I've got!

You are right Beth, I'd rather have her be the way she is than unfriendly.

I should add that I didn't do CGC/ TDI testing with Jack til he was just short of 2 years old for the very reason you mentioned. He knew all the commands but could not ignore another friendly dog. For me, strengthening "leave it" helped a LOT. Also, luckily for us, the tester's dog blew the walk-by the first time and we had to do a second pass....

2-3 years maybe? That being said, my cardi still acts like a puppy and he's about to be 4, lol. We call him the "perpetual puppy".

I say that puppy goes up to two years and then you have teenage phase that lasts another 1-2 years where they test you as much as they can.. then after about 3-4 years they are good to go. They still test you but not as much haha! Roxi tested me this morning actually so gotta stay on your toes with these ones.

I have a feeling with Foxy's personality she will test me her entire life lol.


Oh yea! It def. depends on their personality as well. Charlie couldn't care less as long as you pet and feed him. Roxi wants to own the house and take over the world.

She is just a happy, go lucky little girl that seems to have ants in her pants when she meets people and dogs lol.

Eighteen months? Puppy!

Lol good Vicky that's what I want to hear.


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