Check the security of your tags.  I returned a loose dog today whose ID tag with phone# had fallen off; found the owner by tracking the rabies #, difficult.
I checked Gwynn's, and the hole on her tough stainless steel tag has almost worn through, just from swinging on the ring, 3rd time in 7 years.

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thank you:) i didnt even really think to check that!
Good reminder John...thanks! My plastic tags are worse than my stainless steel tags:(
I use the tags that slide on to the collar. Work great, no noise, no icky black spot on their fur, no danger of tags getting caught. Started them with our previous dog. She played with her tags on her collar and I found her one day with her collar caught in her mouth like the bit on a horse's bridle. She was fine but it could have been bad. Took off the tag and never put a hanging tag on a dog again. I don't even put their rabies tags on. I just make sure I take the certificate with when we travel and know where it is at home in case I need it. I get the tags on ebay.


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