It's almost the 10th time I was asked on the street if my corgi is a "miniature corgi."
Pebble is a 9 months old full corgi and she is half of the size of other corgi 9 months old pups I have seen.

She seems to stop growing since 5 months old and remains the same size since then.
I can tell she gained a little weight but still she looks smaller than she should be.

From her chest to tail, it measures about 19inches
(you can take a look at the pic below which I took just now)

Since August she has been not so responsive to her dry puppy food. But I made sure she eats regular even on a small amount. Recently I started mixing her puppy food with can food and she's doing okay so far. I feed her 2 cups per day, sometimes she eats everything and there are times that she doesn't eat much.

Honestly I don't really care about her size but I don't want her to have any health problems because of malnutrition.


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She's from a pet store, right? The breeders who supply to pet stores aren't trying to produce dogs who look like purebreds as much as they're trying to produce dogs who are cute. Pebble looks small and slight to me but not malnourished. She's just not bred to look like a typical/show-bred Pem.

A more useful measurement would be her weight, and her height from the floor to the top of her shoulder (not her head). That would let me know more about how big she actually is.

Two cups a day is a lot for a Pem puppy - what brand are you feeding? Maybe we can help you find one with a higher fat content so you know she's getting enough calories even if she doesn't eat a ton.
Yea I got her from a petstore and I looked it up online that the "breeder" is actually a puppymill.
She's my first ever dog and I'm lucky enough because she is healthy, friendly, and hyper all the time!

Her height is about 11 inches (from the floor to the top of her shoulder). Not sure about weight but I would say around 16 lbs.

Last time I looked at a male rescue corgi who was brought from a petstore, he is exactly the same age as pebble but he is a little bit bigger, 20 lbs. (hmmm corgis from petstores are small, maybe that's the conclusion)

I feed her Wellness + Mighty Dog can good. But let me reword, I feed about 2 cups a day, 1 cup per meal, but she rarely finishes it.

Again, I am very happy with her current size right now!

I have a black-headed tri-color, Bandit, who is the cutest little thing.  She is almost two and a half years old and weighs 16 pounds.  We call her "our perpetual puppy" and she is adorable.  Our sable and white boy, Jake, weighs 26 pounds.  I am thrilled with Bandit's size...I wish they did breed "miniature Corgis."  Too cute.  BTW, how do I get the picture I put in my file to show up when I post?

Aayla is almost 2 years and we refer to her as the perpeta pup. Glad to know she isn't the only micro corgi out there. We don't need to be jealous of other corgis at the dog park anymore!!
My pembroke corgi is 11 months about 11 inches tall and only weighs 18.5 lbs. I also got her from a puppy store but she came with all her AKC papers. I'd talk to your vet. Around 7 months my vet
Told me she probably wouldn't get much bigger height wise but she would put on weight and it seems
She's leveled out at 18 lbs. I would talk to our vet about weight and size
Before you worry she might just be petite and that's not a bad thing 
How much does she weigh?
Shiro was about 23lb at 9 months and now he's 25 at 10. Everyone who doesn't know much about corgis say that's he's rather small when he's actually perfectly normal size. It's just a lot of people here (here in NC, not on the site) overfeed their corgis. There are also a lot of corgi backyard breeders and puppies that come from them grow very large, up to 37lb.
My friend had a 20lb male corgi boy who was at this size his whole life. Everyone thought he was a puppy.
2 cups a day should be a big plenty for a corgi puppy, Shiro gets less than that.
What food do you buy?
If there are no problems with your corgi, enjoy the small size! If she's under 20lb you can take her on a plane with you!

Speaking from my own experience , not all "large corgis" are over fed or from back yd breeders. My female was from back yd breeder in my city , weighs in at 28 lbs. taller in the leg that my male whos from a very well know breeder on here, with show dogs and hes 38lbs...  both eat a 1/3cup twice a day.. some low fat treats. I have a cross the st neighbor with a petite female who is five yrs old weighing 18lbs.. Apparently they are like us and come in all sizes LOL

Id also like to add that the other 5 corgis from Frankie's litter are not as big a he is.. he got the big gene...


Wellness is a good food, but a cup at a time is probably too much. Sidney is 2 1/2 years old; I feed him Wellness, and he gets about 1/2 cup twice a day. For his evening feeding we add a little canned food. Some days he eats everything, and sometimes he leaves half of it behind.

Maybe she is a little small, but she looks healthy and happy. :)
my Teagen is 8.5 months and only 14lbs which is tiny also and she's not from a pet store or puppy mill I also have contact with a couple who have her litter mate and he weighs about 18.5 right now.....Teagen eats a 1/4 cup 2 a day of her puppy food....I'd also like her to gain in size but I also know she's healthy so try not to dwell to much this is also my first female dog and am hoping they just gain most of their size later in puppyhood than males......
Aren't you supposed to feed a puppy more than an adult dog? 1/5 a cup a day seems like very little food, considering that adult corgi should get 1 cup a day and a puppy needs to grow. Maybe if you give her a bit more food she'll become normal size soon.
at almost 2 Teagen now weights 19 lbs of furry fun!!
From the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America standard:
"Height (from ground to highest point on withers) should be 10 to 12 inches. Weight is in proportion to size, not exceeding 30 pounds for dogs and 28 pounds for bitches. In show condition, the preferred medium-sized dog of correct bone and substance will weigh approximately 27 pounds, with bitches approximately 25 pounds."

A height of 11 inches is perfect. Ideally, Pebble should be 25 lbs, but never over 28. She does not have a lot of bone, so that is partly why she weighs less.

My Caitlyn is a Cardigan. At 27 lbs, she is within her range of 25-34. She eats 1-1/3 to 1-1/2 cups of Wysong Canine Maintenance.


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