Does anyone know if a mismarked corgi has greater odds of producing puppies that are mismarks?  I love a corgi with more white than usual, so would really like a mismark puppy.  I found a breeder close to me that has a male that is a mismark who is sire to a litter due in about a week (Jan. 7).  They don't show but do raise the puppies in home.  And no one who shows would breed him, anyway but I don't care!  I LOVE his looks!  The pups are also bred for temperament and are supposed to be good around kids and other animals (kids have bunnies for show).  Here is a picture below:

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In my other breed (Border Collies), dogs with "dominating white" are not bred because it has been known to produce get with a LOT of white, and sometimes it can lead the deafness (something to do with the follicles inside of the ear being affected by the invading white). Provided that this dog is not bred to a bitch with dominating white, I suppose you'll have a chance to have a litter with a little of both.

I have noticed in Cardigans that bitches with a half-mask do have one or two puppies with a similar mask. But I do hope it isn't a "trend" to breed dogs with too much white, as like I mentioned above, it can result in deafness.

** I just noticed the link to the "breeder" of this dog. Please rethink your decision. She is breeding Pem x's with blue merle colouring just on the basis of their coat. In her latest litter, she mated two heterozygous merles to each other... this is INCREDIBLY irresponsible. It creates a 25% chance for homozygous merles (known as "double merles"), which have an extremely likely chance to be deaf, blind, or both, as well as have glaring issues like not fully formed eye sockets etc. It appears that one of the pups in the litter is a double merle, based on the invasive white and almost no pigmentation on the nose.

I would have a hard time recommending such a person to anyone, let alone myself. I know it's probably not what you want to hear, but there are enough healthy puppies being brought into this world. I wouldn't want to give my money to someone who is knowingly creating a chance for a puppy to be born deaf/blind just for its colour.

"It appears that one of the pups in the litter is a double merle, based on the invasive white and almost no pigmentation on the nose."

That puppy does not look right to me at all. (M5)

Well I am certainly not an expert on Corgi genetics or breeding, but just guessing, based on what we learned in high school science class, you would probably have a greater chance of mismarked offspring from a mismarked sire than if you bred 2 individuals that had no mismarks. That is why show breeders don't breed mismarks, because of the increased chance of passing along the unwanted gene(s).

Health and temperament should matter more than looks anyway, but you knew that.

Hope you get the Corgi of your dreams! Waiting is the hardest part.

P.S. We're waiting too. We already know our Sky is mismarked. We love him already!

I would personally prefer a mismark from a more reputable breeder rather than one who breeds for color or breeds "designer dogs". She breeds aussie/corgi crosses to get the merle coat and that is alarming, especially to breed two blue merles knowing that the combination is very likely to produce the lethal merle gene. I'd stay away from anyone who is willing to risk breeding blind, deaf, and/or possibly dead puppies just to get a pretty coat color. I'd look around some more and see if you can find somebody else to buy from

Off topic, but I'm curious if anyone knows: how is that breeder getting merle pems? I know cardi's can be merle, but I've never heard of merle pembrokes. Is this a thing?

They are not actual Pembrokes. They are Pem crossed out to another breed that has the blue merle colouring. It is NOT allowed by the code of ethics for the breed clubs of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, so anyone who is breeding blue Pems is only doing so for the colour and not for the betterment of the breed.

They are crossing their mini aussies with pems to get the blue merle color. Merle is a dominant gene so it is not hard to reproduce in a cross - the designer dog folks call them "augies" I believe. The merle color does NOT exist in the pembroke breed. I've also seen people mix cardis x pems as well.

I honestly don't believe breeders like this when they say they are breeding for temperament or whatever other desirable trait. They are breeding for COLOR, which really should be the least of a breeder's worries.

Yeah.  I saw that too after I emailed the breeder (the 2 merles together).  Kind of made me nervous.  They had asked me if I wanted an "augie" and I declined saying I didn't want a mix (that's what they are, like any other hybrid breed) 

I do want to see how the puppies out of 2 corgis turn out, so I am just on a contact list... I am looking at petfinder daily hoping that a young male corgi will turn up at a shelter near me (male b/c Scout likes boys better)... In this winter weather, I don't really want to drive too far.  Of the ones that I have seen and called about, they will not hold a dog and the drive has been too far.  Plus, I really need to wait until after we get tax returns back, as that money is going into an emergency fund. 

Anyway, just had to ask b/c I didn't know if mismark was just random or genetic.

Hi Emily,, i was just on petfinder and there were quite a few corgis on there and actually they had some puppies to.


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