Hi everybody!

So, a couple weeks ago, I adopted my little girl. When I was receiving her, the breeder told me she was 8 weeks old and was a full corgi. I saw the pictures and saw that she as black and white so I was a bit skeptical, but I was a little impulsive, so I met up with the woman and adopted Cara that day.

Anyways, after I got her, I was skeptical about her age and her breed, so i contacted the breeder and asked her if Cara was actually 1) a full breed corgi and 2) actually 8 weeks old since she looked REALLY small. The breeder assured me that she was a full Corgi and that she was born on December 9th. I adopted her on January 20th, so she was actually only 6 weeks old at the time. This upset me since it isn't healthy for puppies to leave their mothers before 8 weeks old. I kinda b*tched the breeder out for lying and she claimed that she wasn't lying.

So... I kept asking about the breed, because I took Cara to the vet and talked to a few more people and they said it's impossible for Corgi's to be full black and white. She eventually got sick of me nagging her and claimed that she got the parents tested and "just found out" that they are corgis mixed with Cane Corsos and chihuahuas.

So.. because of her lies, I don't believe ANYTHING she has said nor am I going to ask for a refund for the puppy since she doesn't seem like a good person to raise a puppy. I'm going to love Cara and keep raising her well:)

I'm just wondering if 1) she actually looks like she has a bit of corgi in her and 2) if anybody could tell what she looks like she's mixed with. I know it's hard to tell when they're a puppy.. but still

She kinda seems like she has some lab mixed in her, but her fur seems too fluffy and long to seem like a lab mix. 

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Well she is absolutely adorable and I'm glad you are going to give her a wonderful loving home. She is seriously cute,

Very cute but I don't think very much Corgi.  Maybe some Border Collie in her?  It will be easier to tell when she's older.  It would be fun to have a DNA test done.  You didn't pick her up at the breeders and see her parents I am assuming?

Nope :( That as my mistake, she had sent photos of her "parents" and they looked like full corgis to me, but she could've gotten those photos anywhere.

I may order a DNA test! But based off her paw size, she doesn't look like she'll get too big? My previous dog was a pit bull mix and her paws were huge and she became a very big dog

I'd save my money on the DNA test, they are more accurate in saying that a dog is or is not a purebred than they are in telling you what a mix might be made up of. I've seen some ridiculous results....  She's yours now and she will love you no matter what her lineage, if given the chance.  If you ever want to add a second dog, down the line, you will know what not to do....  As for what mix she might be, be patient and let her grow up, her behavioral traits, as well as her looks and size will give good clues.  Ultimately every dog is one of a kind and, once entrenched in your heart, priceless and irreplaceable.

I see a tiny bit of corgi there - the bit of blaze up the nose, the white paws, possibly the legs (can't tell if they're short legs or not in the picture.)  But then again, there are other breeds with those traits as well.  You'll have to see how she develops as she grows.  She is definitely 100% adorable, though!  :)

Since she is so young, be sure to watch for bad habits (nipping/biting, poor social behavior, etc.) and try to correct them early on using positive training techniques.  Congratulations on your new addition!

Thanks! I think her legs are a big shorter than normal, but I'm not entirely sure haha. She has been nipping a lot and I do use the stern "no" and she understands me saying no, but she still nips. I'm hoping with repetition and as she grows up, it'll go away!

What would you say I could do for social behavior? Frequent dog park visits when she's gotten all her shots?

Personally, I wouldn't recommend a dog park as it's anybody's guess what type of dogs will be there.  There's no guarantee that the dogs present will have good social behaviors.  Do you have any friends, relatives, or neighbors with well-behaved dogs?  If so, try setting up some times where she can play with the dog(s) after she is vaccinated.  I also recommend puppy classes if there are any in your area.  Even if you know how to train your dog, it's a good chance for her to get out and socialize with other pups (and humans!) 

@ Anna. Well said! They are each priceless and they will love you no matter what their breed. I agree with you about the DNA test too. A friend had it done twice on his mixed breed rescue and got completely different results each time.

@ Jeff. Dog parks aren't the best place to socialize dogs actually. It's a great concept, but you don't know if the other dogs are up to date on their shots or if they have agression issues. Unless you can get in with a group you know, I would suggest taking group training classes. You will both learn great stuff about basic puppy manners and foundation work to build a great relationship. Often the training classes will have a puppy play time as part of the class. It will be fun for both of you.
Thank you! I'll start looking into classes for her

or if the pet parents are nuts-Tucker was accused of attacking a dog when he was just trying to get the other dog to chase him.

She is adorable.  Please keep us posted as she grows.

100% adorable:)


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