Queen's Corgi, Monty, who was known as the star and highlight of the Olympic opening ceremony has passed away at the age of 13.  Monty was also Queen mom's corgi before she passed away.  It must be doubly hard for Queen Elizabeth to lose Monty.  Monty left behind two other Corgis, Willow and Holly, to keep the Queen company.

See here for details.

Here is the still picture of Monty from the Olympic Video:

Video still from the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, featuring one of Queen Elizabeth's royal Corgis (LiveLeak via dogster, <a href=

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Monty had his 15 minutes of fame, starring in the Olympic opening. Giving all us corgi lovers a great big smile.

I am glad Monty did get some fame before he passed, how cool was that!!  So sad that he passed though.

cider the dorgi (dashhaund corgi) also died recently and the queen has two dorgis left. Total of 4 dogs left.

That smile...

Maybe we should all send the Queen one great big MyCorgi condolence card?

I like that idea.

What an angelic smile he had. Have fun running at rainbow bridge, Monty.

I love that idea John!!  Let's make it happen!!

Me. too!

That's a good idea!  If everyone replies to this post with their message, someone can make a card on the computer and include all the messages on the inside! 

So sorry to learn of Monty's death. RIP. Monty Roberts, 77, who advises the Queen on horses and corgis, has reportedly offered her a corgi puppy to carry on the tradition. The Queen's dog was named for him. I hope she takes him up on his offer.

It won't be the same w/o her having a big entourage of Corgis. Monty was Lucy's great uncle through Belroyd The Red Grouse. I loved seeing him in the opening of the Olympics. I will remember Monty and his part in the video as my all-time favorite Olympic beginning. 


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