Just found out we FINALLY got a house. We will officaly be home owners in 16 DAYS!!! This is my first time having a dog. I have moved with a cat twice and it was a hug pain for about a week or two. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on moving with a 5 monthy puppy. Things i should do, to watch out for, behaviours that might happen. Before, during or after we move.

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I totally feel for you Kimberlie! My husband and I finally got a new home the end of January and 2 weeks later went to pick up our new 1 year old corgi Frosty. I was really worried that it would be a hassle for him with not only a new house, but new people. We have discovered that Frosty doesn't really care at all. I think our 3 cats were much more upset about moving to a new house than Frosty was about getting a new everything. Not sure that having a 5 month old will make a difference, but I hope that you have as little trouble as we have. From past experience moving my other dogs, I have found that dogs don't really care what's going on as long as their daily routine stays fairly normal (eating, potty breaks, sleeping, etc). Good luck!!
I've moved multiple times with my "pack", and they've always done just fine. I'd just be careful when you let them outside--watch them so they don't escape.
How exciting! DH and I have are finally moving out of our apartment in july and I already have a plan for the "girls" lol on moving day they will be going to our trainer's house so they arent in the way, they dont get squished or Shelly doesnt run away (cause given the opportunity she will).

Try not to wash any of his blankets so he has something familiar.

And like what Chris said, keep feeding schedule on time

moving into a new place can be a little stressful he worse case is he throws up and has diarrhea, or just some heaving panting

Good Luck!
Congratulations! My dogs go many places with me so they're used to staying in other homes. People have already suggested the main things and they would be...keep the same schedule,don't wash blankets,toy etc. and be very careful letting him out for awhile. I believe all should go well! Have fun in your new house with your little one. Also get him used to what door (s) he will be using. Let him smell and check out the place.
Moving is a classic time for losing a cat.
I'd make a conscious effort to explore the new neighborhood in all directions, so if the dog escapes, it has a better chance of finding its way home. phone # on dog tag.
I had to do this with my puppy, once he found a corner of the yard that he liked to go in, it was easy from there. To familiarize with the neighborhood, we went for a few long walks, if an owner was outside with their dog, I asked kindly if we could meet them (most owners didn't mind). For the first few days, I also leashed Wynstan when he went to potty just to make sure. Also, part of my yard is not fenced in. when he starts to venture that way, a firm 'no' deters him. Hope this helps
Congrats! I have moved 6 times in the last 10 years, so i have some tips for ya :)

For human, I have used PODS for my last 2 moves, it has been my best moving expereince. I get the whole POD for 1 month, drop it off for however long you want, and pick up and deliver whenever you want. No rush, no stress, you pack a little everyday and take your time to unload. You don't exhaust yourself, rushing to pick up a truck, return a truck, no injury because you walk right into the pod, no rams. The price is very reasonable, for intown i think it was $3XX. I have used them both in US and Canada. Considering the amount of snow you get in Edmonton, I strongly recommend it.

For dogs, a change in environment can be stressful, they usually react with loose stool, hair...etc. What I've done with my dogs take them to the new home several times before you move in, walk them outside, designate the area where you want him to poop and pee, praise him and retrain him, let him know you get real excited with his behavior. If it's necessary, collect urine with a margarine container and relocate it to your ideal spot, for poo, you can smear it in the spot you want.

After the outside training, bring your dog on a leash, orient him to the new home, keep him close to you and walk to every corner, let him sniff and get use to the new place, do this several times if you can. Watch for signs of marking / leg lifting, correct on the spot. Make sure you clean previous soiled area very well. Ideally, vacuum and steam clean the entire house before moving in, you may also want to spray scotch guard to the carpet and change the filter while you're at it. On moving day, consider someone to dog sit or book a groomer for the day, it'll free yourself and concentrate on the move, when you cannot supervise your 5 mo old, keep him inside the crate, the last thing you want is an accident.

Other tips: plan your meals, order some take outs, keep yourself hydrated, keep your must use items in your car (shampoo, towel, pillow sheets).

Once everything is IN and furniture is pretty much where they're suppose to be, you will want to pick up your dog and do the orientation again, walk him on a leash and let him sniff, watch for leg lifting and other signs. Remember, when you cannot watch him, put him in the crate.

Good luck and congrats!
Cats are usually much harder to move than dogs. If at all possible, have your pup out of the old house on moving day and don't bring pup to the new place til the movers are gone and the furniture in. If that is not possible, you'll want to keep pup crated; getting out the door or stepped on with all the goings on is the biggest risk.

In general, dogs are more people-oriented and cats place-oriented (not saying cats aren't just as loving as dogs; they are. But dogs are very mobile by nature and "home" is where the pack is; cats get out of sorts if the environment changes). So if you are not stressed, most dogs will not be terribly stressed. You may see some regression in training/house breaking, though.

Good luck!
Thank you so much for your tips, took a load off my mind. I have arranged a play date for Adora on moving day i will be dropping her off with family while we borrow there cube truck, and i will be able to bring her with me when we go to the house the day before moving day. And my boyfriends mom has offered to puppy sit her that night (which will be easy after a full day of playing with Soca the Assie, and horse pasture lessons), so we have time to put the furniture in place and have it puppy ready and safe when she comes home. Im not sure adora is going to want to come home after getting to go to her favorite fun places.

As for the yard we will have to take her out and watch her anyways as there is no gate between the front yard and the back yard (YET).


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