Yesterday, Emma was rough housing with some bigger dogs at our local dog park and I think pulled/sprained her leg. She immediately began limping. There was no swelling, and she let me poke/prod her entire leg. Later that night, she began putting weight back on it and even went so far as to jump on the bed (despite my telling her not to).

So I thought this morning that everything was okay. My cousins came over earlier in the afternoon, and were playing with her. She gave a yelp, and went back to limping. 

I'm going to, of course, keep her home from the dog park for the weekend. I'm going to try to keep her from anything strenuous. But, anyone out there had a similar issue and have any tips to aid in their recovery?

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Nicole, keep an eye on it for sure.. Edward just tore his ACL this way and it was difficult for me to tell that the injury was so bad as he wasn't complaining at all about it, Just a slight limp and toe pointed when he was at standstill eating.  Seemed to get better then worsened again when we were playing with him. I hope the best for you and Emma that it is just a the way Emma is ADORAble

Thanks for the heads up! I have been really watching how she stands on it. She seems to not favor one leg or another, no pointing that I can tell. After the incident with my cousins, in about an hour she was backing to jumping on the bed,sofa,generally Corgi doings. So, I'm thinking it's not very serious. 

If it's coming and going there's a good chance it's her knee. She may have luxated her patella. Our Boston does that frequently and we have really watch him now. Usually they pop back into place, but each time it happens, it will increase the ease with which it goes out again. Might not be a bad idea to take her to the vet and have it checked. We put Kipper on glucosamine and it seems to help.

That actually really concerns me. We start Agility beginning of next month.

I definitely would get her checked out then. If she has bad knees, you don't want her doing agility.

I would have her checked out, especially if you're planning on doing agility. Luke had a tiny partial ACL tear but we didn't realize it right away because he got better so quickly, and now I kick myself for not taking him in right away.

How is Emma doing?

I'm keeping her activity levels low, despite her wanting to run everywhere, and jump everywhere. I just got a new shipment of chews in, so that's helping a lot haha. No instances of limping. Looks like she's distributing weight fine, no bobbing of her head (I heard sometimes that signifies pain?) and overall she's not different from before. 

This has happened to Napolean so many times now. The advice I'd give is to just let her rest because the more she moves around the more the injury will get more irritated. This actually happened to Napolean yesterday; he's so careless! He still hasn't learned that he is not superman and if he throws himself around he won't come out all in one piece :P I'm pretty sure in this case with Emma you don't have to worry. Just keep her off the leg (no running, jumping but walking should be fine) and give her time to rest. The only thing you should keep an eye on is whether she is recovering. In about a week or less she should be no longer limping (that's what I got fom Napolean's experiences), and if not you should probably get schedule a check up with. The veton although I think you should also think about the fact that the more she twists that area, the weaker the muscle and bone will be. Napolean has twisted one leg a few times and I'm noticing now that his leg is reacting to low level intense exercise unlike before. All I say now is let her rest, keep her off the leg, massage it a little, and try to keep her calm next time :3

We are experiencing the same thing with Loo.  she threw a disc a few months ago and I was afraid it was that again.  she went bounding after a bunny yesterday morning and as soon as she came out of the run, she was limping.  limped to poop, limped to pee, couldn't even get on the step on the back porch.  she gets very stiff.  if she sits for too long in one position, she won't even walk.  part of me thinks she's a diva and wants to be carried like a baby (she stands there and waits for me to get her) and the other half has always thought her back legs were going to be useless one of these days.  they have never been strong.

so i went to pet smart and got dog asprin.  gave her two pills (liver flavored, so no peanut butter needed).  she wolfed them right down yesterday and today.  i now have a heating pad in her bed for her to lay on.  hopefully this will work out any muscle kinks.  

I'm going to go with what Melissa (with Frank and Kirby) said on another thread... all Corgis have one bum back leg! haha.  

It's scary not knowing why our dogs are ill or injured.  I would take Emma to the vet just so I could figure out what it was.  The vets that worked with Waffle and I to figure out why he was limping/sore did so much for us and even gave us a solution to the problem!  Hopefully your vet(s) can do the same for Emma.  


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