Doudou made me so angry today. She took her breakfast; and played alot, Later she vomit her food,  then she ate her vomit. What a mess!! I stopped her. But she was GROWLING. Every time, when I asked her drop wrong food or garbage , that is really so difficult. I have to pretend very angry tone to yell her. And she doesn't look at me ; she just look at "her food" and growling.

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I have never met a dog that wouldn't eat it's vomit...gross but apparently not to the dog. Just pick her up away from it and then clean it up.

I know. The problem is her growling. Last time she ate a fly before I caught, I just said NO to her. Not big deal. But today she looks so aggressive and; growling.  That makes me angry. 

Just really suggestions, just so you know that I totally understand your angry since I have the same problem. You are not alone --- My DouBao picks up something (garbage, branch, plastice bag, you name it...)on the street when we walk. If I try to reach towards her, she growls like I am the biggest enemy in the whole world to her, which makes me really frustrated and angry. My trainer said she might have a little possession...

We have been practicing "Give" which she will give up the things she likes less, but no everything, especially if there is food involved. Or try some "trading" with her, like a very yummy treat to exchange whatever she has...

Still working on it... Hope somebody else will give more helpful suggestion...
Hug.hug. Exactly. If food involved,I ask her to drop, I m her big enemy. When in dog class, she is very easy to pass every order, like stay or rolling, besides drop it. She knows what drop mean, because when I used a treat to exchange her toy, she dropped it. But if no treat, she ignor me, continue playing her toy. What I angery today is not about ate dirty food. It is growling. How can she growling to the leader? We stay together about 8 months, she knows I love her a lot.

When you are using the treat-exchange method, can she see that you have it in your hand? Often, when using food as a reward, we fall into the trap of letting it become "bait" more than an actual reward. We show it to the dog before any good behaviour has been done, as a promise. Then, in the absence of treats, our dogs become uncooperative!

As for being angry - I know it is very difficult to see your dog behave this way, but remember that it has nothing to do with how much she loves you! It's just a bad habit. I still have a scar on my leg from where Ace charged into it while he was guarding his food from our cats. It hurt physically and emotionally, but I had to keep in mind that Ace was just acting based on habits he developed around food. Once he broke free of this syndrome, he never laid a tooth on me again.

Griffin will only drop something if I give him a treat.  I think he's figured out the system...he'll run by me with something he's not supposed to have just to get a treat.

"run by me", hahaha... Same thing here!

Corgis are so smart that lots of people ends up "being owned by a corgi for many years"... LOL...

Start working on the "leave it" command. Give her a treat, then hold one in your fist and say "leave It" and open your hand and give it to her, do that a couple more times and increase very slowly the amount of time it takes to open your hand. When she starts waiting start giving her a treat from your other hand while keeping your original hand closed. You want to work up to this slowly and practice every day briefly. Eventually you want to work up to being able to have a treat in front of her and have her wait if you say leave it until you say it is ok. There are other methods but they all operate on the same principal of teaching in a very positive way and working up slowly to reach the goal of impulse control. Try not to be too upset about a growl in a young dog, it really is a warning and in doggy etiquette would be considered appropriate. It takes training to teach a strong willed dog that you are the alpha and don't wish to be growled at. I find treat based training works very well for most dogs especially my "piggy" corgis. Always leave a training session with a success.

???  I'd wait for the dog to finish the clean-up for me, then maybe give it a wipe-down... if it still needs one.

But the growling?  Not OK.


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