I have two corgis Neeka & Banjo both four.


Banjo is on medical low protein food as he has liver issues. He has put on about 3 pounds since we have him on this food, I only feed him 1 1/2 cups a day with about a tsp of probiotic yogurt. He gets plenty of excersize but was fixed about 8 months ago (when we got him) any recommendations for low fat & low protein food? Any recommendations to get him to lose some weight?


Neeka is on RAW, we make most of her food from deer, elk, moose, duck, fish & farm fresh eggs (with the shell when they are still soft) We also give her a suppliment (natures balance) and probiotic yogurt and chicken necks, moose paddles, deer antlers ect.

I give her about 3-4 cups of raw food a day. During the summer she lost so much weight being outside and playing (we live on an acreage and were in the city before, plus having banjo to play with) Then in September she seemed to have eaten something that disagreed with her (probably a rotten frog as my cat brings them in the yard) and was sick for about 3 days, I gave her pedisure & boiled chicken at this time as she couldn't keep the raw down. I kept her on the bland diet for about a week to a week and a half. She was soo thin after that I could feel all her ribs and her spine. I have been giving her more raw food, eggs, yogurt and treats hoping to get some of the weight back on but has maybe only gained .5 pound since. She is still super thin and I can feel her ribs/spine very cleary. She has soo much energy that I cannot get her to sit still and she is always running up and down the stairs and FRAPPING for hours. She seems really happy and is eating and drinking well but the lack of weight gain is worrying me.

Is there anything I can feed her that will keep within the RAW food (or else she gets poopy corgi bum) to help her put some weight on? Also, how much fat should be the right amount? (should I still be able to feel her ribs?)

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I would just cut Banjo's kibble down some. My pem only gets 1 cup a day and maintains weight well on that amount, any more and he chunks up. He usually gets some pumpkin or green beans tossed in as well for filler.


As far as Neeka, I don't really have any experience with raw foods, but has she been checked for worms lately?

She was dewormed in August & I usually do it every three months so it should be around this time that I get the call from the vet to pick up my deworming stuff. I have checked her stool and they seem normal.

1) No dewormer is effective against all types of worms, to the best of my knowledge

2) The lifecycle of worms varies and while every three months might help reduce the chance of getting worms, treatment is much different.  Jack had hookworms and we needed to treat every two WEEKS, for instance.    And

3) Examining the stool by eye reveals only a couple kinds of worms, and only at certain life stages.


I'd take in a stool sample to be safe.  

For the corgi that is too fat, decrease his food. How much does he weigh (what is ideal weight)? Franklin is currently about 28 pounds and gets 3/4 cup A DAY. Corgis don't need much.

For the corgi that is too thin, RAW is to be fed by weight not by cups. To do it right you need to weigh the food. She should be getting 2-3% of her ideal body weight. Since you say she is very active it is probably safe to feed 3% until she puts weight back on. And thats 3% of ideal weight, not current weight. You should be able to palpate the ribs but not be able to see them. Since most of the food you are feeding is game meat and she has access to whatever you cat may bring in, it would be a good idea to do a fecal on her and make sure she doesn't have internal parasites. That is one of the most common causes of weight loss and/or a dog not gaining weight. If it doesn't improve when you start actually weighing her food and increase the food she should be seen by a vet.

Banjo is about 28 pounds and should be about 25 so he is definitly over weight (he is very small boned due to his liver problems that were not taken care of until we got him) he was free fed before I got him.

Neeks is about 24 pounds and should be around 26ish. She is taller & longer than banjo.

I will get a stool sample to my vet to see, because it seems weird that she will not gain weight.

To what the others posted, raw meats and especially fish, carry tapeworm in the muscle (fish and pork for sure, I'm sure there are others I'm not recalling). Please get her stool examined, it kind of seems your vet is doing an injustice by not requiring a sampling so often in order to get the meds. I'm not knocking your vet, just stating what I know/have seen from the vet side.
Good luck with the bunny butts, I'm sure you'll get it balanced out

lamb, beef, and wild herbivores also carry tapeworm in the muscle, a REALLY nasty one if its transferred to humans. I agree that its not a great idea for a vet to just randomly prescribe meds. The vet I work for will do that once for an animal that has been recently seen but otherwise requires a fecal before administering meds, especially since weight ranges and dosages may change and you may be creating a resistant parasite population by continuously underdosing accidentally.

Yes, thank you. I knew I missed some :-). And yeah, those tapes are real nasty if transferred to humans. Ick!

Worm meds are hard on a dog's system if not needed, a stool check is preferable, so you don't over medicate, which creates problems of its own.  As for the dog with liver problems, I have no experience with this in dogs, but I have a friend with severe liver problems who has to eat a high protein diet and uses egg white powder to boost her protein content... go figure.


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