Hello, my corgi sometimes VERY randomly will all of a sudden stop what he is doing,
start digging at the ground, and then pounces on it! He will do this wherever he is. On tile, on a bed, on a sofa, ANYWHERE! I was just wondering if this was unusual? Does anybody else have a corgi that behaves like this? He just keeps digging and pouncing when nothing is there! Thanks. =D

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Actually yes....kind of. Brian pounces on things like a cat. It's the funniest thing I've ever seen. But more often, he pounces on actual items, like toys, not just randomly. Or when he sees something moving under a blanket...it's become a game: try to catch the unidentified thing!
Max does both. Sometimes it's just because, sometimes there is something there. Last night he was on the bed with us and he was after my feet.
Do they continue to dig and then pounce, dig and then pounce, when nothing is there though?
Duncan does that with his toys mainly. A lot of people forget that corgis also were used to keep vermin away from the homestead. Hence, the pouncing and digging at your feet movement under the covers.
Lance digs covers, his beds and sometimes the couch and nothing is there!
Koa will "dig" out the kitchen tiles to make a "hole" so he can sleep in it!
Like Lance, Sidney does the same thing with the covers. Sometimes the carpet too, though there is nothing there. Weird, huh? Phantom odors?
My Nala has gotten into the habit of pouncing on top of Cosmo, my other dog. She jumps into furniture, or top of my bed and waits for Cosmo to pass by and then pounce on top of Cosmo! I found it funny at first but, now Nala weighs twice as much as Cosmo. I am trying to discourage the conduct. For days she is ok, but then, she starts again. Also both of them dig on the bed before going to sleep. I guess they are just making the bed more comfortable.
My dog Ci does exactly the same, to point where he bed is soaked with slobber

Have a look at the video on my home page

Paul Roberts
Gibson digs just about anywhere, the hardwood, tile, carpet, I think it's just fun for them when they're bored?
neeka pounces on everything its cute lol.
Wookie does the "nesting" on blankets and pillows. That I didn't think was unusual. The "Badger" move that he does to the kitchen floor, the bamboo bath mat, the side of the bathtub and sometimes the side of my leg.... Yeah, I thought that was a wee bit odd. Now it sounds normal. I allowed him a spot in the yard to dig in. He is almost to China. If he digs anywhere else in the yard, it mysteriously fills up with poo. He has learned to dig only in his alloted area.


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