Well my almost 6 month old tri corgi has started shedding like crazy. To the point where if u just bearly pinch his coat, you will get a good glob of fur.

We had a Kong zoom groom which was recommended by the groomer @ petco when we first went shopping for his supplies but since then he has chewed it and i never thought that odd looking thing was good, til recently when i researched about it.

Question, what brushes are good for picking up alot of excess fur? The furminator is around $40-$60!! I know its a good brush but deng... any other cheaper alternative thats just as great?

I plan on picking up another zoom groom now knowing how good it really was and plan on using it on him for when we give him baths, but still want a good de-shedder brush to brush him with regularly.

Also, are those vitamin/minerals for dogs that claim to help shedding and their coats worth it?

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My dogs love the zoom groom.  We furminate, slicker brush and zoom groom as the final reward.  Like a good massage.

yea i just rebought the zoom grooom since the chewed up the original one a month or too ago... I used the zoom groom to get the tough hairs out and slicker to finish off. 

I couldnt getmyself to buy a $60 furminator 

If you have cut-pile carpets or rugs (not berber/ the kind with full loops) I highly recommend a carpet rake.  Very effective at picking up a lot of fur very quickly and with minimal effort (red and white corgi + dark red area rug = the rug looks snowy before the fluff bunnies become noticeable anywhere else in the house).  I usually take 5 minutes to rake the rugs before I vacuum, since it helps pull up the finer undercoat hairs and loosen the dirt and dander so the vacuuming doesn't take as long.  Also, we don't have to replace the vacuum bag as often.

I have a generic version of the furminator I got at Petco and it works well.  I recently starting giving Penny a supplement called Shedx and it seems to be helping...not to mention that her fur is shinier and softer than I've ever seen it.  But overall it's a never ending battle...Corgis shed no matter what!

You take your corgi's lovely coat and figure out great ways to make use of it.

Ball on the left is "100% corgi cashmere"  Ball on the right "needs to be made into corgi yarn"

My project was stopped cause of a flea infestation.  Will continue once his fur is oh so yummy again.

That is a lot of black fur.  Scout sheds mostly grey (her undercoat) and I rarely get too much black fur in a brushing.  If you want we can all send you our excess corgi hair.  You'll be able to clothe everyone in North America (LOL) 

I actually saw something on TV where a group of women have American Eskimos (or a similar white dog) and they make sweaters from fur.  I think it was some Dogs 101 episode.

I can definitely see the possibility there.  Yuki sheds like crazy twice per year with a steady shed in between.  His fur is super soft, though, so it would definitely make a really comfy sweater or baby blanket!

I found a Furminator on amazon for $20. Apparently there is a new one that is more expensive but this old one works just as well. I ordered the one for medium dogs. Something that has made an amazing change has been the FURminator deShedding shampoo and conditioner which are on amazon also. I give them a bath in the bathtub because they like putting their paws on my knees while i rub and massage their bellies so an absolute MUST is the hairstopper i got for the drain. When I'm done it's easy to clean the tub and scrub off the huge ball of hair from it. A daily supplement that has actually worked for me 21st Century Shed-Less Plus! I bought the Level 3 one which is the advanced one and I put 2 teaspoons in their food everyday and they don't mind the oily liquid around their food. All this things have made an amazing improvement in my home! I used to just pet him and have tons of hair in my hand when done and now unless i really scratch him hard there's no hair!

I give Ellie a supplement the vet recommended.  It doesn't help that much with shedding, but it makes her coat very soft. 

The Furminator is regularly *super cheap* on Amazon.com, and apparently there's a new model. Stuart hates being Furminated because he has to be still for so long, but pairing the Furminator with some water-less shampoo does wonders for us. 

I'm a furminator fan, too.  I try to spend 5 minutes on each of my 3 corgis each day and they seem to look forward to it.  Of course, i try to do this outside so that the hair can blow away.  I also use the Linatone Shed relief  supplement and just put a squirt on their kibble. this fatty acid supplent has made a considerable difference in the amount they shed, even this spring when I expected the big blow out. 


I think the answer is just to do a little bit each day. don't shampoo too much and try a supplement with fatty acids in it.

I started using Best Shot Ultra Wash Shampoo and Best Shot Ultra Plenish Conditioner during the worst of the shedding season.  Its a little expensive, but it is concentrated so you can dilute it quite a bit.  The conditioner gets left on for 10 mins (lets be honest, it only stays on as long as he'll tolerate it) and when that is rinsed out you won't believe how much hair comes out.  I don't know how it works but supposedly it loosens all the dead undercoat.  I also noticed that it really helps with static.  In any case, it works really well for us.


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