I leave my 5 month old Corgi puppy in over night because she is way to small to stay outside... Before i go to bed i always make sure i take her out for about an hour and threw out the day she stays out side while i clean and she plays with out other dog.. Well every time she is alone she rips up the pads..I give her a lot of toys but she still does it... She isn't alone except for like maybe 6 hours at a time because i work....

 What can i do to help her and to help me..I am slowly training her to potty outside but since i wont leave her outside it has been a battle....What can i do?

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Can you get off over the lunch hour to come home and let her out? This is my son's strategy...but he lives within 10 or 15 minutes of his office. Otherwise, maybe get a friend or neighbor to let her out at mid-day?

Corgis can be stubborn about house training.

Can you dispense with the pads? Possibly you can pen her in the kitchen, if it has a tile floor? This would make it relatively easy to clean up.

It sounds like the pads aren't a large part of her potty training so she's viewing them as environmental objects. Just like shoes or table legs and other naughty stuff to chew on. So it makes sense why she does that--- when other puppies who potty on pads 70% of the time do not because they have a much stronger association with them as designated areas!

I agree with Vicky above. You may have missed the boat on her treating the pads as a potty area. I would crate her in your absence if that's not too late (lots of posts here and info online how to do it successfully). Or, yes a tile floor area where she will mess in just one small corner. Section in kitchen, entryway, or small pen area in a heated garage possible?

A five month old puppy can go the six hours without having to potty if it's been exercised before you leave, so I would do away with the pads altogether.  My guess is that she's just having fun and five month old puppies can have a lot of fun ripping things up.  I would confine her to a safe area with her toys, an area where, if an "accident" were to occur, you could easily clean it up. If she has been properly housebroken otherwise (meaning no accidents in the house when you are there) you should have no problems.  If, on the other hand, she potties inside the house on other occasions, then your problem is rooted in your housebreaking methods and you need to fine tune that.  Either way, I would get rid of any pads.

I agree with Anna. If you feel you still need something I would try a black plastic crate liner with a couple newspapers in it.


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