When it's time to go for a walk, my corgi Logan will dance just out of reach and run away when I try to put his leash on. He LOVES his walks and his car rides and has never been hurt or injured by the leash. Once he is on the leash he's fine and just comes along. I usually end up luring him with treats, thus rewarding bad behavior, but he is such a great dog and obeys otherwise. This just started a month or so ago. It's very weird. Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions?

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Lucy does the same thing. While she certainly knows "sit" in other contexts, I am working on "sit" with her when I bring the leash (with treats of course). She, too, does not mind the leash or anything else. I think she's just playing and very happy I'm giving her attention!

I have had 2 different dogs do that with me, I just went on a walk without them and they never did it again.


Juno does the same. he gets super excited and will follow me around when I tell him we're going out but once he sees that leash..he'll run and hide. It's weird because once the leash is on, he's still happy go lucky following me around dragging the leash. I used to reward if he allows me to clip the leash on..not anymore though because his reward technically is being able to go out? Let me know if u find a way to get him to have the leash put on w/o running. I've had no luck even w/ a sit stay....

Maybe Bev is right and I'll just take Blue with me and leave Logan home.

we have he same issue when we take sophie in the car, she loves car rides, but runs and hops and jumps around, I really think it is her excitement,  I know it is frustrating.  We are still working on it.  So am interested in the responsed you get also.


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