Well I became a foster mommy about 3 months ago & got my first foster about 2 1/2 months ago. Her name is Junebug she is a petite black headed tri female with lots of energy something my house is not use to as my other 2 dogs are pretty laid back. Well yesterday Junebug was placed in her forever home. She has a German Shepard as a play mate & it is so funny because Junebug can stand under him just perfect. Junebug went to a wonderful home & so needed a forever home (she had at least 2 homes before coming into foster care). My 2 dogs werent sure what was going on when I came home without Junebug, I know we will all go back to our normal routines but it will be different for a few days without Junebug. Good luck Junebug, you will always have a piece of my heart & I know you will love your new home!!!!!

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Good for you! It has too be so hard to let them go but thanks to you it sounds like she will have a happy life!
Hurray for Junebug!!! Ya did good Christen! : )
congrats junebug on a good forever home!!!
Thumbs up and thank you Sunshine Corgi Rescue :)
Congrats to you and Junebug! This is wonderful news! I hope she is forever happy in her new furever home!
Congratulations to both of you! You gave her a good home until she could find a forever home!! Good job!!
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for doing fostering. It is such a great thing that you guys can give your hearts and home to a pet in need, and then find the strength to give them up when the time is right. We just adopted a foster dog, and he has become a very bright star in our life, and is just an absolute joy. What has been Jane's sorrow, has become our joy. Know that you have done a wonderful thing!!
@ Jennifer...thanks and yes, it's sad to see them go but we know they now have forever homes with people that truelly love them as not everyone is willing to take the chance on a dog that has a "past" and usually due to no fault of their own! That's one of the great rewards is getting those updates or hearing from them occasionally and in a way those dogs have brought people together and it's especially great if they're on MyCorgi! So "thank-you to all you adoptive corgi parents out there too as it makes us happy knowing they are being loved...we are just the stepping stones to a better life for them! Thanks Christen for helping little Junebug!


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