Hi guys my corgi's have always done this and they are a year apart and from different breeders but Teagen could have picked it up from Jordan anyways I regulary wake up do to the fact that one of them has decided to neck sleep with me which means they lay their necks across mine...they don't do this to Greg at all. So I can't keep the curiosity contained any longer why? does it mean they veiw as part of them like an equall?  Because pupppy's sleep in piles or does it mean they are just more comfortable with me? Greg is always on me about coddling the dogs. This isn't an issue other than a stiff neck a couple times...But none of my non-corgi like pups have ever done this.



Just a quick side note I posted a blog about those two having 3 alltercations in a week....Well that was it they haven't even looked at each other cross eyed since must have been a case of the grumpy's.

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Do they do this only in the am? Just wondering as mine know I'm awake before I wake up and then it's time for them to get on the bed and snuggle. My thought is that they may be sensing you are waking up and this is their ":good morning I haven't had a good snuggle all night". It's cute and sounds like whatever it is they love being close to you and probably do view you as their leader!
we have a cat that does the same thing to me he has to sleep on my face. I am a very grumpy sleeper i dont like any thing touching me when i sleep so i get very annoyed by this he doesnt do it to my husband just me. and he is very sneaky about it too he does it very slowly hoping i wont notice. I throw him out of the room an shut the door, but he isnt my cat so i am not that fond of him, not suggesting this for your dogs I think they just want to be close to you.
Bear doesn't do this, he's my bedtime grump - too much moving and he grunts (sounds a little like an ape).

But Goldy...she will lay her head on my neck, lay her head on my arm or once I woke up to her lying on my back. I'm sure we looked like roadkill, both of us all flattened out.

I realized pretty soon that she likes to feel my heartbeat, as she seeks out "thumping" spots. I did pick her up early (6.5 weeks) and kept a ticking clock in her crate, so I'm pretty sure it's my fault. But I LOVE it, it's very sweet.
Pooh did this and Copper does this. I love it. I'm not exactly sure what it is about but I have never had another dog that has done it either. I love every second of it though.


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