We have considered adding a second corgi for a while but wanted to get an adult and/or rescue.  Have found a female (have a 5 y.o. male) about 1 1/2 hours from us and are planning to go (probably) get her on Saturday.  I have read lots about introducing, doing on neutral turf, on leash first, then off in a fenced area, then take in the house resident dog first with newbie on a leash to explore for the first time, etc.and we will do all this. We really want to get her - because we want another corgi and because she needs a new home (she is 1 1/2 y.o.). Her family has 3 children under age 4 and they tell me they just don't have the time she deserves. She is currently an outoor dog, so will need to be house trained. She needs to be spayed and will need to be heartworm tested and put on preventative (fingers crossed).  My vet thinks we should take Merlin with us just to be sure they will get along and we can do that even though he is a handful in the car.  That means a car ride back with both of them and I have read that containing them in a car is not a great idea for initial meetings too. Husband is retired and home all day. We are willing to dedicate time and the money for a trainer to come work with both of them if necessary to adjust. Should we take Merlin with us to meet her and decline her if they don't get along initially? Would like to know what others advise and how often it is that dogs just won't ever get along. I want both dogs to be happy.

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i would but then I'm the kind of person that told my hubby I would get 1-2 corgi rescues and came home with 4. I did rehome 3 of them but Teddy will be here forever. These 4 needed everything also! To me it was worth the work but they started in a fence in the garage because they were puppy mill dogs....but the sweetest ever!

I would NOT take Merlin with and when you come home i would make sure she goes potty and then let her in the house alone not with your other Corgi so that she can smell all the smells without any any interference. I would then maybe let them meet while both are on leashes in a safe place but where they can just even walk by and then meet face to face if the walk by goes fine. Do you have a large kennel or metal crate that you can put her in when you can't watch her but that she can easily watch you? For the 1st few days I would make sure there's both of you there if both are out and I bet they'll be playing together in no time! Good luck!!!!!

When our breeder asked us about taking Brady (rehoming) we had both Max and Katie.  We did take both of them with us to get Brady.  The breeder was going to a dog show half way between her house and ours.  We took the smaller travel crate for Brady for the trip home.  Neither of us wanted a free for all to happen in the back of the drive while driving.  We wanted to see how they reacted to each other with a first meeting.

The breeder was going to the show to get a new pup started on the circuit so there were 4 corgis, one a puppy yet.  We let them meet and sniff and within 2 minutes it was a tangle of dogs, leashes and humans and everyone was having the time of their lives.  As we were standing there talking a moderately aggressive dog walked by, all 4 of the corgis stood shoulder to shoulder in front of us as if to say your have to go thru us first. 

We took the dogs around the yard on leashes when we got home and then off-leash, they all were having a good time.  Brought our 2 in fist and then Brady on leash.  The dogs were fine but he was greeted by a cat and backed right up, I don't think he ever saw a cat before.

We never had any problem at all in pecking order and we were lucky in that.  Brady never challenge Max even tho Max was becoming paralyzed by DM.  And he didn't dare challenge Katie...she was, is and always has been the Queen in this house.

Now this was our experience and I know we were lucky that they all meshed together so easily.  But we took our 2 to see what their reactions would be.  Anyone of them of them could have challenged the other to a varying degree.  How bad it would have been would have determined whether Brady came home with us or not.  A minor reaction of "who's this" would have just told us work was needed, an outright aggression would have told us it was not going to work.

I hope it all works out for you as easily as it did for us.  Corgis are like potato chips, can't have just one!

I would take Merlin to the first visit.  It would be important to know if either dog has issues with the other.  It would be a terrible situation if you got the new pup home and they hated each other.  Then you have to find her a new home and you've disrupted both Merlin's and her life.  Although I don't like hearing that she is an outside dog.  Good luck! 

All 3 of my guys are rescues.  I never had issues with introductions.  The challenge that i had/have was that Tucker was intact when i got him.  Because he had been abandoned, he was malnourished and the vet wouldn't neuter him immediately.  So the introductions and pecking order were set with his hormones high.  About 6 weeks after he was neutered when his hormone level dropped, he decided he didn't like Butler anymore to the point of trying to kill Butler.  Keep that in mind when you spay your new girl that the change in hormones may change the relationships between the dogs.  You probably want to talk to your vet about when to spay.  But, i don't agree with your vet that they should be in the car together initially unless they're both crated.


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