like I said in my last post hes a handful but it was expected. got a few questions

1. eveyrone says corgis are food motivated and Rush is no different. he so motivated by food that when i bring out some kibble im going to use to train him with hes more focused on trying to get the food. did anyone else have this problem and if so how did you stop it?

2. hes getting better and better on the leash as we go. but he is constantly trying to chew on the leash and the buckle. any suggestions?

3. when we take him out for potty time Rush is a little vacuum cleaner trying to eat anything he can get his little mouth on. its hard to tell if hes sniffing to find a potty place or trying to find something yummy.

thanks for all of your help everyone.

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#1 That would be a typical corgi trait. Try a "look" command. Put your hand with kibble up by your face and say "look" Then give him the treat when he looks. It starts him off with learning to focus on you.
#2 Stop and give him a firm NO. Then start back up again.
#3 This is a tough one. Mine finally stopped on his own.
Good Luck! Corgis are enthusiastic and fun as well as trying.
Jasper had the same issues on his walks-picking stuff up off the ground and biting his leash. I ended up teaching him the "drop it" command and was really surprised at how quickly he learned it. When we went on walks I would bring a baggy of small treats and when he would pick something up I would show him the treat and put it by his nose and say "Drop it". Since Jasper is very food motivated like Rush, the treat was always the better alternative to whatever was in his mouth and he would drop it right away and take the treat. Now I don't even have to have the treat in my hand and he will drop things immediately when I tell him to. It works with the leash too, although sometimes he would pick the leash back up. I started putting Bitter Apple spray on the leash and it really helps to keep it out of his mouth. Good luck! :)
ya we tried the bitter spray too, he seemed to like it more after that ha ha

what did you use for a bitter spray?
A breeder told me to try wetting the area with a damp cloth and applying cayenne pepper. It doesn't take long before they stop licking or chewing something. They only have to smell it and they walk away from it ... fast! The cayenne pepper powder does not hurt them, only causes a temporary, but not harmful hot feeling and they run for the water bowl. After one taste, they remember the smell and stay clear of the object that you apply it too. I think of it this way... when it comes to the possibility of my precious pup getting electrocuted by chewing on wires or having a little cayenne..I'll choose to keep my pup safe. I have also heard of "Bitter Apple", but the breeder told me this doesn't work as well as the Cayenne spice. Good luck with your sweet little furbaby!
We use the Grannick's Bitter Apple Spray, but I have heard that some dogs actually like it!
In response to his love for food, introduce him to carrots. Corgi's love them. The tiny ones that are ready to eat. They help satisfy the chewing urge without all the calories. Its one treat that you won't have to feel guilty about. Rush is a real cutie!
I also give Freya green beans as well as carrots. I sometimes mix it in her kong too. When Freya was tiny, she used to chew on her leash or tried to walk herself when we walked. She eventually out grew it, I'm not sure what I did. I also inherently taught her the "drop it" command without thinking--which is awesome! She loves to eat paper and she'll eat whatever paper that is on the side of the road when we walk and it drives me nuts. I once caught her snacking on a mummified frog in our back yard! She didn't get much work on it thankfully and I nearly gagged cause I could smell it on her breath.

I've heard that some dogs love the bitter sprays. If in doubt use hot sauce. I've heard several stories of people using it to stop certain behaviors (like counter surfing or in corgi's case hoovering) with hot sauce. It works and it burns.

I know in what basic training I've had with Freya that the watch command is good. Freya used to do it naturally as a baby but as she grows she's becoming a little more hard headed. But it's amazing what happens when food is involved.
#1 I taught my puppy to sit before food, which caused him to focus on me. Also, I would HIGHLY recommend obedience lessons. I started with lessons at 3 months, and it has helped so much.

#2 Hot pepper sauce or "bitter apple" spray (you can buy this at pet stores) on the leash helps with this. Corgis are herders, and mine did this too. Again, lessons helped, but I sprayed mine down a lot with the bitter apple at first. The dog trainer I use suggested the hot sauce, and yes, he hates that.

#3 Learn the command "leave it" I just taught mine leave it last week. Best command ever. With time, you will be able to tell the difference between searching for potty places and random "on the ground yummies."


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