Hello all. I bring Weston home Sept. 29th and feel I have read everything I can on new Corgi puppies (so much my heads spinning lol) Mymquestion is on what must have toys and treats I need for his specific puppy needs? I'm both a first time puppy owner and Corgi owner and want everything to be perfect. I'm already madly in love with my cute little bear and can't wait to see him. Attached are some photos for your viewing pleasure :)

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These are my suggestions...and NO latex, no treats made in china....I like Charlee Bears and Bil Jacs:)

I don't see the normal standard Kong classic toy (puppy or normal) in the picture. I wholeheartedly recommend it. Kaylee has three, one of which is in the freezer with peanut butter at all times.

Size-wise you will eventually need a medium but a pup may have an easier time with a small. Also, I'm not sure if the puppy variety are worth it as the quickly grow out of that stage and the red normal variant held up just fine for us.

Almost all these toys last into adulthood because they are made of rubber or a sturdy substance. A medium Kong is fine.

If I could only get 4 my choice would be the  1.SMALL  orange/blue Chuck it ball as mine eat/play and sleep with them plus I send them home with pups. 2 A Kong (small or medium is fine). 3.A rope toy 4. lambs wool squeaky toy. Just because they cover the basics. But do not play tug with the rope or lambs wool yet but have them go get it when tossed and then when older and biting isn't a problem they can be used a s a tug toy. 

The only toys Ein loves (other than the squeeky plush ones) are the puzzle toys. I have a ton of puzzle toys. We have the Kong Wobbler, IQ Ball, Bento Ball, ect.We even have a few that are real puzzles. It keeps them busy and interested. I feed Ein her kibble in it and it gives her a job. Love them! Oh, and a few floppy discs! We also have these indestructible balls for Ein to "herd". These balls are super hard plastic and she loves chasing and nudging them around the house/yard.

Thanks everyone I go this weekend to pick out toys and fun things for my Weston. I got a little overwhelmed in the toy aisle last time I went :)

In addition to what's been said, I like Tricky Treats balls. With my last dog it was a great distraction when needed. Just fill and toss and you get maybe 15-20 mins to yourself! It's fun watching them try to figure out how to get that one last kibble out.

Our house looks like Petsmart exploded inside :) Weston comes home in five days ya'll :) 

  Those are all great and I bet that your new pup will  pick out a few and IGNORE most all of the rest of them. We found that spending a bunch of money at the pet store was mostly just making them wealthy. Our Molly much prefers a one gallon plastic water jug. or a dollar rubber ball bought at the Dollar Store.  She can spend hours knocking them around the house. When they begin to get worn, she gets a new one.  Of all of the store bought ones the Kong is probably the best. Fill it with peanut butter and freeze it...it gives you a few minutes of quiet time. 

Agree with Jane.   Those fluffy plush toys he will find a way to cut with his back teeth at some point and could ingest the stuffing.    Soft latex balls or cute molds of farm animals are the worse, they rip very easily and can be found everywhere, mostly Wal-Mart or supermarkets.


My test is that if I can bend or stretch the material with my nail he will definitelly rip apart.


Be careful of Tennis Balls, mine like to rip the yellow fuzz and eat it.

I don't leave him anymore.     And the rop toys, don't let him chew on them cause it will be the same thing.


However a good trick for the rop toy is to soak it in water, freeze and offer it to him/her.   It'll take a little while before it thaws and it will be to relieve some pain from teething.    A simple ice cube is a good treat and Wally loved it during summer and teething periods.

Oh and yes a simple ball, rubber, about the size of a basketball ($2) is Wally's best toy.

He loves to tackle it, run after it and mostly push it with his chest and forelegs.    Sometimes he takes up running after it and just rolls right over on his belly, to then turn around and attack it.

LOL Erin looks like you are pretty prepared.  I have to say I noticed a lint brush and you will definitely need that!!!  My Foxy also likes the flat plush toys that sound like they have crackly paper in them.  I've gotten those at Petsmart too.

Your pup will love lambs ears.  These are not the same as all the other ears you see in the stores.  Lambs ears are softer, great for teething puppies and are easily digestible. I had  to order mine from Foster and Smith.  They should be available from most internet companies.  

Have fun with Weston!



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