I just found this website and it is soooo good to know other people love corgis as much as I do. They are such good little dogs with big hearts. They are ridiculously smart and have so much character. My corgi that I have now is still a pup and I love him so much. He is just so cute I can't take it lol. I'm gonna have to say corgis are probably the cutest puppies. Well, Hi to all.

And if you get a chance, check out this website. All about corgis, so true and hilarious! Enjoy!

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Welcome! It is great to find a place where everyone is at least a little nuts for their corgis.
welcome! I love this web site too. It is so nice to hear from people who are as crazy about their corgis as I am. I also love all the pictures and also lots of intersting and cute stories. Also good if you have questions. Thanks for the website.
I love the website! Good laugh and oh, so true....
Isn't it though? Everything on there, I have experienced. My first corgi used to sing. Or howl; whichever one you prefer. I have always wondered if anyone else's does. Both corgi's I have or had do the booty bump. They will be playing with other dogs and swing their butt around to bump them out of the way. I also wonder if anyone else's does this.
Oh yes mine do this and unfortunately they also taught my Aussie this...it's one thing for the corgis to do this but my 80# aussie does this to us...silly boy! ps... he doesn't know he's not a corgi so we just let him think he is!
Ha. Sounds like my mom's animals. She has two long haired chihuahuas; Chica and Lupe, a black lab named isabell, and three cats named Pepe, Sybil and Sophie. They all think they are chihuahuas. The cats eat only dog food and the black lab thinks she can fit in your lap and sleep on the back of the loveseat. With that bunch, there is never a dull moment. Who am I kidding? I have one corgi and with him there is never a dull moment. lol


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