I just went to my first puppy class with Gendry. It was mostly sitting and listening other than the 10 min of free play. I quickly came to notice the other 5-7 puppies were quietly resting/sleeping at the feet or in the laps of their people. Gendry definitely wasn't doing this. He's never actually slept in my lap or next to me unless he is dead tired. I'm wondering why my puppy doesn't like to cuddle with me!?!

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Nellie is EXACTLY the same way. Very independent at home, prefers not to snuggle (though sometimes she likes to "stick" right next to me on the ground and chew on a toy), HATES being restrained, on a lap, or on the couch. She's hyper as heck in class and NEVER pays attention to me even when I was using the treats she loved last class. I literally have to stick my hand in her face to get her to do position changes and she'll do them if she sees the hand but still won't be facing me. Off the leash she just trots around begging for treats so she never burns off enough energy to calm down for the next task.

Gendry might grow up to be a better snuggler because he's male and he was lower energy in his litter. Nellie was SECOND HIGHEST (whoops) so I've got a long road ahead of me lol.

Oh my goodness, it sounds like you have quite a handful. I hope Gendry doesn't get much wilder. Its nice to hear im not alone w/ being the most embarrassing puppy class student!

Loki doesn't snuggle, but he does like to lay down on my feet when he's sleepy. It's good enough for me! Corgis are social butterflies, they'd much rather play than do any of that resting business! Don't take it personally.

By the way, did you name your puppy after the Game of Thrones?! If so, I LOVE IT! I briefly considered naming my pup Sandor... ;)

Yes! I've read 5 of the books and I'm totally hooked on the show. I thought about naming him Tyrion, but worried he would just end up being called Imp! My friends would have love that cruel joke. Sandor is pretty cool too. So many fun ones from that series to pick from.

I just forcefully snuggled Fauna 'til she liked it...and now she's won't leave me alone.  I have a 24 lbs lap dog.  She will only sleep if she's cuddled up next to me in bed!  Be careful what you wish for!

Wow! I can't imagine doing that with Nellie, I can barely make her stay still for anything and she hates being held.

LOL!  Try a 125 lb Irish Wolfhound lap dog.  Ugh!  Both wolfhounds we had thought they were the size of pomeranians and they always wanted on me...all 5'2", 110 lbs (at that time).

Glad he snuggled tho.  It's such a good feeling even if it leaves you covered in fur.

We have 3 corgis and basset/lab mix, all with very different personalities.

Our Oldest Corgi is my hubby's shadow and is a lap dog whether you want him there or not.Our younger male is a foot warmer, He doesn't like to snuggle or sit on the couch but if your feet are on the floor, he is on your feet. Our mix is a habitual licker that smiles as he licks you to death. Our female is very stand offish and hates snuggling, she is much happier standing or lying guard. I call her the 'watcher' because she is the only one of our dogs that is always watching me. Still gives me the creepies every so often when I turn and catch her just staring at me but I love her to pieces all the same.

Try lying on the floor with him after play time or while watching TV. He might like it better instead of the scary high couch. :D

As a side note, are classes always so boring? I have only taken Snickers to two classes, one just recently. The instructor spent sooooo much time talking! Snickers is turning 6 next week, and she wouldn't lay down and doze like the one year olds! I kept stuffing treats in her face and came home exhausted, too..


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