UPDATE: I have found a trainer willing to take him on in the next few weeks. She has worked with dogs that have had these issues before and is very confident she can help. WOO HOO! Sje does obedience and agility as well.


I am having some issues with my 5 year old Corgi Tucker and would appreciate some advice.
Since he was a small pup we have lived with family members and their 2 male dacshunds (7 &12).

While they have never had a real "fight" he will ocassionally jump on and pin them in an agressive attacking manner. Beyond a scratch to ones ear he has never left any marks or drawn blood.

I am running out of ideas as to what to do. I have read the books and none of the suggestions seem to work for us. He has not gone to obedience training in the past because in all other areas he was easy to train. However he will be starting at the end of the month because I have no idea what else to do and it could not hurt!
Contacting trainers has not given me much hope. Most have said for 100 dollars and hour they will "try," but each has mentioned rehoming. Several have said they cannot help because they do not work with "red zone" dogs.  Since he has not left marks (other than the ear scratch) does he really qualify as a red zone dog????

Right now I am not considering rehoming. He is my baby, I promised to care for him for life. However I know I also have a responsibility to the other dogs in this family. If it escalates I will go down that road of thinking, however I would rather teach him manners before it gets to that point. 

We will go month(s) without a problem and then have 4 attacks in a week. I cannot see a trigger the majority of the time.

I should add he has lived with 2 female dogs as well. He LOVES a  female golden age 3 , but not a female 12 year old husky. He has fear nipped her but never left marks.

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R there only boys in the house?

No two girls as well. One a golden that he loves and the other a very old husky that he has also nipped but is mostly afraid of.

Well, you have two breeds that were selectively bred to be bossy. I would have him drag a leash or rope for the next month so you can easily grab him if he goes for one of the other dogs. So far he has gotten away with this and is obviously enjoying his dominence act. If there are certain times when you have noticed that this is more likely to happen, you can attach the leash to yourself so you can correct him from staring (that is often the beginning) with a slight jerk and No. Also, try looking over Nothing In Life Is Free. Most trainers have problems with dog to dog aggression unless they live with all the dogs so that is why they are probebly ducking you. This is a difficult problem to fix without consistent effort on your part. I had this in my home and was able toget a truce declared  and manage things but remember the leash helps you remind your dog you are in charge!

Thank you. I will have to try the leash, he has a collar on and that has been a huge help breaking things up.
I get after him for any starting and any growling. Most of the time though I can't see any indicators or triggers before it happens. It is not centered around food, the door or someones lap. He will go months without a problem and then BOOM 4 times in a week.


Is your Corgi, or any of the other males intact?? and are the females spayed??..Even if the females in the house are spayed, males can/often will become very violent with one another when they sense a female in heat..(even a female OUTSIDE the house.)

All dogs were fixed as puppies

We had this same problem with my daughters Corgi Ein. My min pin got jumped so many times, and Ein did draw blood.  I tried to talk to a local trainer and that conversation left me completely frustrated and in tears.  So we started from the beginning.  We re-asserted ourselves as pack leaders.  He did nothing without permission.  He didnt eat, go to his bed, outside, nothing.  It was only after all of this that we realized the triggers were anxiety.  He went after any dog that showed signs of anxiety.  Once he learned that we were the pack leaders and that he didnt have to help with the anxiety problems, we have no issues.  We also introduced physical exercise.  Not just a walk, I go out at least 3 times a day and throw the ball for them, about 20 minute sessions. If its raining, I let them chase the ball in the house.  Having the exercise really helps, it gets out the extra energy and gives him something to focus on.  He is sent into time out into his crate occasionally, but nothing like before.  Im just thankful this worked.

That makes a lot of sense, starting from the beginning again. I need to do this with my Maya and her BARKING. She is excited about EVERYTHING in life, which is a great trait to have, but she is excited to go outside, to come inside, to eat, to sleep, to run, to jump, to swim on her back across the carpet... and when she gets excited, she just can't hide it. She gets protectively aggressive sometimes too, and it's hard for me to admit that I failed in her training (I truly know I did.. Murphy was a fantastic dog and I figured she would do as she sees... but you can't just "figure" with dogs, especially corgis), but starting from the beginning, regardless of how old your pup is, sounds like a great plan. Leah, you should try this and write down everything that happens.. a little dog journal. And that Kong traffic loop harness that I showed you would be a great way to scoop him out of an undesirable situation if it does end up happening. Once you get the neck, chest, and the connecting piece sized just right, it's a great fitting harness. :-)

I am headed to get the harness on tuesday! I am ridiculously excited haha.  Writting it down is a great though, I havent tried that and maybe it will give me better clues. I know what you mean about training, I should have had him in it as a puppy. He just picked up the basic commands so fast I didnt bother. He seems to get bad anxiety around new dogs as well. I know when we were walking with your dogs he never got used to them. Now introducing a new Husky into the house he is freaked out of her. Hopefully basic obedience will help show me how to get him past those fears.
The crazy part is that he LIKES the dachshunds and wants to cuddle them most of the time. They refuse to cuddle or play with him..... I cant blame them I wouldnt want a friend who also occasionally tries to eat me.


These are great sugesstions thank you. To tell you the truth I am not sure how to go about getting him to do things only with permission. Can you tell me how you did it?
Excercise makes sense, during the winter the poor thing doesnt get nearly as much as he should. I once heard the saying "A tired Corgi is a well behaved Corgi." We are signed up for basic obedience and once we can complete it I can join agility with him as well. Maybe that will be a good outlet.

I love that his name is Ein by the way :D

Thanks!!  She watches cowboy bebop and there is a corgi on there. 


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