UPDATE: I have found a trainer willing to take him on in the next few weeks. She has worked with dogs that have had these issues before and is very confident she can help. WOO HOO! Sje does obedience and agility as well.


I am having some issues with my 5 year old Corgi Tucker and would appreciate some advice.
Since he was a small pup we have lived with family members and their 2 male dacshunds (7 &12).

While they have never had a real "fight" he will ocassionally jump on and pin them in an agressive attacking manner. Beyond a scratch to ones ear he has never left any marks or drawn blood.

I am running out of ideas as to what to do. I have read the books and none of the suggestions seem to work for us. He has not gone to obedience training in the past because in all other areas he was easy to train. However he will be starting at the end of the month because I have no idea what else to do and it could not hurt!
Contacting trainers has not given me much hope. Most have said for 100 dollars and hour they will "try," but each has mentioned rehoming. Several have said they cannot help because they do not work with "red zone" dogs.  Since he has not left marks (other than the ear scratch) does he really qualify as a red zone dog????

Right now I am not considering rehoming. He is my baby, I promised to care for him for life. However I know I also have a responsibility to the other dogs in this family. If it escalates I will go down that road of thinking, however I would rather teach him manners before it gets to that point. 

We will go month(s) without a problem and then have 4 attacks in a week. I cannot see a trigger the majority of the time.

I should add he has lived with 2 female dogs as well. He LOVES a  female golden age 3 , but not a female 12 year old husky. He has fear nipped her but never left marks.

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We made him sit and wait until we had the door open for him to go out.  He had to wait to come in, we came in first.  He had to sit and wait for dinner, treats etc.  It is your basic, me first.  If he showed signs of agression such as growling, we sent him into his crate for time out.  The crate is in the living room, and we rarely have to shut the door.  He goes in for just a few minutes.  I was so glad when this combined with the exercise helped!! 

Here is an article about NILIF  http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/dogs/tips/training_nothing_in_...

Here is a video that gives you ideas on how you can make him earn everything. Strangely, the video has nothing to do with what he is explaining- LOL   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_CKiQH6rDg

It is going to be very hard to train Tucker with so many people and pets in the house, but when the alternative is rehoming him, it seems like it is worth it. good luck.

Thank you! I will check it out.

I hope you and Tucker are able to find success with the trainer!  :D

That is great news!


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