So Jesse is back in high gear after getting spayed. I've been noticing she licks her feet a lot so I gave them a good looksies and they look like normal doggy paws to me. What can this mean? Problem, or do I just have an obsessive feet licker on my hands. (She's totally left her stitches alone from spaying, so it doesn't seem like it's a 'this is sore so i'm going to lick it' thing) Any other obsessive feet lickers out there? lol.

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Moose is obsessed with licking his front paws, and our hands!! I think it's just his thing
Both of ours are notorious "drive by lickers"
This is one of the funnier quarks I've come to find out. It's almost like a game of tag, lol. Olive will walk by and lick our leg, then frap away into another room... silly.
Ella licks her feet all the time.. and the couch... and my roommate's feet.. and my hands... and anything else she can get her tongue on.
Olive licks dang near everything too. She'll lick her paws and then glare at us, "what are you looking at?!", and then go right back to it.
Guinness is a paw licker too. He likes to do it in the middle of the night (he sleeps under our bed) and it drives me crazy sometimes. But all I have to do usually is just say his name and he'll stop.

Finn is a foot licker...of human feet. He loves toes.
So this sounds like a typical corgi thing. Haha. I did some research ( aka googling) And I read that sometimes dogs licking their feet can be a sign of a food allergy. I don't know what the person I got her from was feeding her, but I have her eating Purina Pro Plan shredded blend lamb. It's the sensitive skin and systems one. It's not a terrible but also not a great food. It still has wheat or corn gluten in it, I can't remember which right now. Or I'm crazy. Anyway I think when I get about half a bag left or so I'll start switching her to blue buffalo to see if it helps the licking and itchy skin thing go away. Plus blue is just awesome.
Let me know how you like the food. My Heidi did the paw licking thing for awhile, but I personally think it was boredom in her case, or possibly some kind of way to release energy. I suffered a fractured pelvis in a car accident at that time (about a year and a half ago) and had to spend a lot of time in bed recuperating, so she'd lay with me and didn't get as much exercise/activity as normal. That's about when I noticed her starting to lick her paws. I didn't make a big thing of it, but I'd just tap her nose lightly when she did it and say "Stop licking your paws," and sometimes give her a chew toy instead. After a few (or many?) times of this, she stopped. But I agree, it can also be allergies. I had a Sheltie with horrible allergies that chewed his paws relentlessly. There was a different feeling behind it when he did it - you could tell something was really bothering him. Heidi just seemed nonchalant about it, like a person biting their nails to pass the time. :)
Sometimes paw licking and excessive grooming can be due to anxiety. She could just be nervous about getting spayed again.
Butter licks his front paws sometimes. He also likes to lick my legs and toes on occassion. My husband taught him the phrase "no licky licky". The first time I tried it he stopped licking and looked at me, then started licking again. Then I tried it again and he stopped. It sounds funny but it comes in handy.
My corgi is an obsessive feet licker! But not his feet. My feet, my husbands feet... anyones feet! lol We always say he has a foot fetish.
Soooo true, I wish mine would lick THEIR feet instead of MINE!!!


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