Just in case you missed it, here's Bond, The Queen and the corgis: Monty, 13, and Holly, 9 :)

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Officially the best opening ceremonies ever!!! Those Corgis got some serious screen time!!! DAWWWWW!!!!

I was so excited that it warranted a leap off the couch and a happy dance!  Of course, Butters was nipping at my heels, and giving me the "Mom, are you okay?" look.  Loved it!! :)


Was brilliant. The look of the corgis when they got left behind...

That quirky little smile the Queen gave Bond as she walked by was Brilliant and then the corgis came on!! So much fun!!

I could hear the collective MyCorgi.com AWWWEEE!

When I yelled out "Awww Corgis!" my Lucy barked at the TV. Indeed the look on their faces when the helicopter lifted off!! Does anyone think one of them needs a little exercise? Or did the camera add 10 pounds?

*ahem*  Isn't it a bit cheeky for commoners to be making suggestions about... about... their royal majesties??

How *does* one address the royal corgwyn?

"Come!  If you please, your lowness."?

Looks like the Queen needs to put one corgi on a diet!!  Loved the video!

Love It!

Thanks for the video, Sam. I did miss it and my mom was telling me all about it this morning.

Our Tenby just lost 6 pounds this year, he pointed out that if a royal corgi can carry a few extra pounds, whats the problem! Bring on dessert!!

Just loved see them.

Saw it yesterday and have watched your video a few times today. Thanks for posting it. What's the URL. I'd like to send it to some friends but can't find it on youtube.

While I couldn't find the video you posted, I did find these rare shots of the Queen and her Corgis at Heathrow. Thought you might enjoy seeing them.



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