This is the first dog/corgi I've had and we got Bowser as a 15 week puppy and he is now 18 weeks. He just loves to nip at our heels and then bit our pants. I tried standing still but then he just latches his little teeth into the pant and starts yanking. If I try not to move he takes it as a tug of war game. I tried yelling but I don't want to leave him alone since he is still being potty trained. My pjs all have holes in them and I am at a loss. I tried distracting him with his bully stick and toys but he likes pants more. I even tried treats, but he will just lunge at the hand holding the treat and when he doesn't get it, he goes right back to the pant leg. I have to literally jump on the sofa or roll up my pants to keep them from him. How do I stop this!?!

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This is a very common behavior for a young herding dog. as soon as he goes for your pants give him a firm strong NO. If he continues pick him up and put him in a puppy proofed room (not his crate if you are using one) for a few minutes until he stops. Jumping on the couch, yelling or laughing just increases the fun he is having. If you do not have a puppy proofed room just picking him up and holding him in the air until he settles should help. This is instinctive behavior and if you planned on herding with him you would be thrilled but since most of us just want a pet so you have to show him it is not an exciting activity.

Hi Mathangi, you can get an empty jar, fill it with pennies, when he bites your pants, DO NOT say  "Bowser", never associate a bad behavior with his name, bend over and shake the jar violently right in front of him, it'll snap him out of it, as soon as he release and let go of your pant leg, stop shaking and reward him by petting him on the head.


If you can clap really loud, do it just in front of his nose, don't hit him, don't repeat the same command over and over. say it once, the key is to snap him out of the bad behavior, not negotiation. 

The clapping thing was a complete fail, it just eggs him on but the coin jar thing works like a dream. Now I just have to pick it up and he lets go and gets a treat! Thank you so much.

maybe i should use that coin jar thing to keep carly away from the trash baskets?

Ginger was horrible about this when we brought her home at 10 weeks.  She managed to put holes in my jeans.  I had puppy pants, and not puppy pants (the puppy pants being the ones she had put holes in.)  I too, would roll my pant legs up to my knees just to keep her from biting on them.  We would always tell her no, and wrangle the pant leg out of her mouth.  After a while of keeping them rolled up she just kind of grew out of it.  She's now 24 weeks old and will still occaisionally grab my pant leg, but it's usually if she feels that I'm not paying her enough attention.

i hear ya..  they love to nip at your pants , but  if your consitance  saying NO, like the other post tell you  he will get the message . i though Carly would never stop but she did... 

i believe some of them are worse than others and mine was horrible!

i had a long robe that Carly would snag hahah now that i think about i laugh but it wasnt funny at the time , by the way this is the only dog ive ever had to do this..

youll find these little herders are a mess~ and i say that in love...


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